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Research Expertise & Mentors

One of the greatest strengths of the UC San Diego site is the involvement of our highly successful research faculty who will serve as mentors for the LAUNCH program.  UC San Diego is one of the nation's top research institutions, and our research faculty mentors have a variety of expertise in infectious diseases research. 

Potential Research Mentors

A sample of potential research mentors, by research track, from a campus-wide pool for the UC San Diego LAUNCH program are found in the table and links below.

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Last Name, First Name, Degree
​Research Interest
Banghart, Matthew, PhD
Neurobiology, Biol Sci

Neuromodulation; nociception in CNS
Bloodgood, Brenda, PhD
Biol Sci
​Synapse biology & gene regulation; circuit plasticity
Cline, Hollis, PhD
​Neurosciences, TSRI
​Architecture, development, and plasticity of brain circuits
Genter, Timothy, PhD
​Psychology, Social Sci
​Computational approaches in audiotry processing 
Halpain, Shelley, PhD*,§
​Neurobiology, Biol Sci
​Neural circuit development & degeneration
Kleinfeld, David, PhD
​Physics, Physical Sci
​Sensorimotor neuroscience; brain microcirculation; neurotechnology
Komiyama, Takaki, PhD
​Neurobiology, Biol Sci
​Cellular resolution functional imaging of neuronal ensembles
Leutgeb, Jill, PhD§
​Neurobiology, Biol Sci
​Neural basis of memory formation and retrieval at the systems level
Rangamani, Padmini, PhD
​School of Engineering
​Computational biology & biophysics related to synapse functiion
Tye, Kay, PhD
​Salk Institute
​Brain circuits of emotion, motivation, social behaviors
*Track Leader; §Executive Committee

Explore Faculty Research

For a comprehensive list of faculty and specific research, please visit the following programs and departments directly:

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