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Faculty Directors

JoAnn Trejo

JoAnn Trejo, PhD, MBA

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Faculty Affairs
Professor, Pharmacology

Dr. Trejo is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Faculty Affairs and Professor of Pharmacology. Her research focuses on cell signaling in the context of vascular inflammation and cancer. Dr. Trejo is responsible for developing and implementing strategies, initiatives, and programs that enhance the success, recruitment, and retention of an engaged and diverse faculty within Health Sciences. This includes the oversight, strategic direction, and implementation of comprehensive faculty development programs within Health Sciences.

Vivian Reznik

Vivian Reznik, MD, MPH

Faculty Director
Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine                                      Professor of Public Health, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health

Dr. Reznik is Faculty Director and Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health. She has a longstanding interest in faculty development and mentoring in academic medicine. She is the founding director of the UC San Diego National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) program.

Debroah Wingard

Deborah Wingard, PhD

Faculty Director
Professor of Public Health, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health

Dr. Wingard is a Professor of Epidemiology in the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and is Co-Director of the UC San Diego National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) program. Dr. Wingard's research focuses on the field of gender and racial health disparities. She oversees quantitative data collection and analysis for all of the OFA programs and climate surveys.


Virgina Hazen

Virginia (Ginger) Hazen, PhD

Manager, Operations and Strategy

Ginger Hazen became the Manager of the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2018, a newly created position at UC San Diego. Ginger is responsible for the administrative arm of the office, including staff, operations, and communication. She oversees all aspects of the faculty development programs sponsored by OFA. In consultation with the Faculty Directors, she is responsible for managing faculty development and diversity initiatives from the strategic planning stage through implementation, enhancement, and reporting as well as administers diversity initiatives and facilitates the development of a diverse and inclusive community based on a culture of respect in academic medicine.

Rachel Tolano

Rachel Tolano, MA

Program Manager

Rachel Tolano manages the Leading the Advancement for Underrepresented Neuroscientists for Change (LAUNCH) program, the National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) program, the annual faculty workshops, Implicit Bias Trainings, and Women in Health Sciences. She is also responsible for OFA administrative duties and program and office logistics, and serves as the executive assistant to the Faculty Directors.

Alexandra Bortnick

Alexandra Bortnick, PhD

Data Analyst and Program Manager

Alex Bortnick joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2018. Alex manages the Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) and Grant Writing Course (GWC) programs. OFA is committed to evidence-based, data-driven strategies to foster faculty success. To support this mission, Alex manages the data collection, management, and analysis of all OFA programs, and contributes to the publication of these findings for the larger academic medicine community. Alex monitors the Office's data integrity and accuracy and supports the Office in leveraging technology for greater efficiency and business intelligence.

Mariko Poupard

Mariko Poupard, MA

Program Manager

Mariko Poupard joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in early 2019. She manages the Future Faculty of Cardiovascular Sciences (FOCUS) program sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). She is committed to delivering excellent professional development programming for faculty in academic medicine and to building a strong community of support that leverages their wealth of experience and expertise.

Naureen Rashid

Naureen Rashid, MA

Data Analyst and Program Manager

Naureen Rashid joined the Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) in late 2020. She manages the Raising Advancement and Parity for Infectious Disease Researchers (RAPID) and Grant Writing Course (GWC) programs. Naureen also manages the collection, analysis, and dissemination of faculty and program data. She is committed to facilitating the success and growth of a diverse and inclusive faculty in the Health Sciences.  

Project Scientist

Samantha Hurst

Samantha Hurst, PhD, MA

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Consultant
Associate Project Scientist, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

Student Intern

Khulan Hoshartsaga

Khulan Hoshartsaga

Student Intern
3rd Year Undergraduate Student

Financial Unit

Wei Deng

Health Sciences Administrative Leader
Department of Pharmacology


Valerie Mendis

Sr. Financial Analyst
Department of Pharmacology

Tom Kogler

Administrative Assistant
Department of Pharmacology

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