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Program Eligibility and Expectations

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HCOE Faculty Scholars will be encouraged to participate in local and national faculty development programs as well as engage in workshops to improve skill development and the understanding of UC San Diego Health Sciences culture and environment. HCOE Faculty Scholars will participate in the HS Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) to enhance their skills as mentors as well as mentees. They will use these skills to work effectively with a senior faculty mentor and mentees including URM students, fellows/residents and postdocs. In addition, HCOE Scholars will work with members of the HCOE Faculty Advisory Committee to develop core projects related to:

  1. Engagement, Leadership, Community
  2. Teaching and Mentoring
  3. Program Development and Research

HCOE Scholars will also attend quarterly meetings and other special events aimed at building a community of diverse HCOE Faculty Scholars.

Goals for the Faculty Scholar include:

  • Career development
  • Leadership training
  • Mentoring up and down
  • Enhanced research network
  • Grant writing skills
  • Funding
  • Enhanced access and connection to students and trainees
  • Community of scholars

Goals for the Institution include:

  • A more diverse and engaged faculty
  • Improved URM faculty recruitment and retention
  • Enhanced research networks and funding
  • Faculty more engaged with students and other trainees
  • Increased sense of community


Program Expectations & Goals

​Year 1
​Year 2
​Professional Development
  • Academic review and promotion
  • Develop Faculty Career Development Plan (CDP)
  • Mentorship training
  • Leadership training
  • AAMC Faculty Development seminar
  • Acquire critical skills for successful academic career in medicine and science
  • AAMC Faculty Development Seminar
  • Faculty CDP
  • Mentorship training
  • Leadership training
  • ​​Grant and project management, personnel management
  • Lab management course
  • Seminars
  • Grant Writing Course (GWC)
  • Publications
  • National Scientific or Clinical Conference
  • Seminars
​Community Service
  • ​Identify existing research and community based programs for engagement
  • ​Mentor HCOE or URM student;
  • Participate in research symposium for HCOE students
​Quarterly Meetings
  • ​​Networking, Community Building, CDP and HCOE Core Project Discussion
  • ​​Networking, Community Building, CDP and HCOE Core Project Discussion

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