Program Expectations

Junior faculty will participate in a year-long program that includes all-expenses paid intensive two summer institutes and mid-year two-day meeting at UC San Diego in San Diego, California.

Participation in the RAPID Program requires a one-year commitment in program participation with the following tentative timeline:

  • Active participation in the Grant Writing Course: The course will start prior to the Summer Institute I with weekly assignments due in June 2023
  • Attendance at the in-person Summer Institute I held in July 2023 in San Diego, CA
  • Attendance at the in-person Mid-year Meeting in January 2024 in San Diego, CA
  • Attendance at the in-person Summer Institute II in July 2024 in San Diego, CA

Please note that the Summer Institutes are designed to be intensive and immersive. You are expected to complete homework and attend evening and weekend activities during the Institutes.


Program Timeline

​Time Required (tentative month)
Summer Institute I
at UC San Diego

​1-2 weeks (July)
​Structured curriculum with training in grant writing, professional development, mentorship, building mentoring teams, and infectious diseases scientific seminars
Mid-Year Meeting
at UC San Diego

​2 days (January)
Grant review in an NIH-styled mock study section on the grant proposal started in summer, career update presentations, professional development sessions, and research and career development plans with mentors and fellow participants
Mentor conference calls
​approximately 1 hour/month or quarter
​Work with mentors on RCAP and an NIH or equivalent grant proposal. Meet with your research mentor once a month and with your career mentor once a quarter.
Summer Institute II
at UC San Diego

​1 week (July)
​Grant review in an NIH-styled mock study section, leadership training, career update presentation, and on-site mentoring 

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