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Since the inception of the National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine (NCLAM) in 1999, 368 junior faculty have graduated from the program. During the program, each junior faculty member develops and completes a Professional Development Contract (PDC) with help from an assigned senior mentor. All Health Sciences faculty are eligible to serve as mentors, and mentor pairings are based on recommendations by the individual NCLAM participant and NCLAM Leadership Council. The list of projects by department below shows the wide diversity of interests among our graduates.


Faculty Mentors Across Health Sciences

Department/Division Mentor Directors (DMDs) help their units shift away from a culture of ad hoc mentorship towards intentional, inclusive, and effective mentorship in all institutional contexts. DMDs guide faculty to use evidence-based best practices for mentoring junior faculty and trainees. DMDs assess the “health” of mentoring in their department/division and act as a liaison with the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA).
School of Medicine Departments
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​Name, Degree
PDC Project
​2015​Anne Shapiro, DOUCSD Labor Epidural Bupivicaine Bolusing: A Cost & Safety Analysis​
​2014Sarah Madision, MD​​Does treating pain in the perioperative setting improve psychological outcomes for cancer patients?
​2012​Erik Kistler, MD​Establishment of an Independent Research Lab
2010Erin Lawson, MD​​Chronic Opioids and Sleep Apnea
2009​​Sameh Ali, PhD​Dirunal elevation in NADPH oxidase activity in the brain: a proposal link between brain inflammation and chronobiology
2007​​Dalia Banks, MD​Gaining ACGME Accreditation for the UC San Diego Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship Program
​2005Shobana Chandraskekhar, MD​​Compare and contrast various teaching methods from both faculty and resident perspectives, and gain an understanding of how residents learn best
2004​​Wendy Campana, PhDResubmitting R01 Grant for PINCH Signaling in PNS​
2003​Robin Seaberg, MD​​Anesthesiology Resident Curriculum on Substance Use, Abuse, and Physician Impairment
2002​​David Luo, MD, PhD​Improvement of My Time Management Skills
​2001​Vanna Soonthon-Brant, MD​Develop lecture series on anesthetic management of common pediatric diseases
​2000Sandra Chaplan, MD​Prioritizing Career Goals
2000​Reema Sanghvi, MD​Acute Airway Management Seminar/Workshop
​2000​Gerhard Schulteis, PhD​Develop a one-day job fair/symposium on postdoctoral career development
​Name, Degree
​PDC Project
​2014Karl Willert, PhDInvestigating the role of WNT-FZD7 signaling in tumorigenesis​​
​2009​Alysson Muotri, PhD​Modeling Autism spectrum disorders with human pluripotent stem cells
​Name, Degree
​PDC Project
​2016Taraneh Paravar, MD​​The Establishment of Collaborative Clinics and Conferences Between Dermatology and Rheumatology

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