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Providing Tools to Build a Culture of Trust and Respect in Health Sciences

ALT TEXT HEREDue to increased demand and need for ongoing training, the new Building a Respectful, Inclusive Culture (BRIC) program is an updated revision of training originally offered in 2018 that trained 180 senior and leadership faculty in building a culture of trust and respect.

The new curriculum will build upon this initial foundation and provide a broader group of key faculty mentors and researchers with the tools they need to build a culture of trust and respect directly into the work units they manage.

This new curriculum provides a deeper dive with new learning opportunities and pragmatic approaches to initiating and maintaining positive culture change. Offered in short digestible blocks of time with synchronous and asynchronous learning, the BRIC program consists of 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Developing Ourselves and Empowering Others
  • Module 2: Foundations of Respectful Workplace Communication and Managing Conflict
  • Module 3: Building and Leading Effective Teams in the Workplace

Each live session will be preceded by a self-directed work on concepts so the group sessions will emphasize experiential learning.

Through core didactics, discussions of relevant case studies, and facilitated breakout discussions, the three-module series will explore six domains deemed essential in the toolbox of faculty engaged in building safe and healthy academic environments including:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-management
  3. Empathy
  4. Collaborative Communication
  5. Managing Conflict
  6. Teamwork
Registration for this program will be available in 2023. 

This program is supported by NIH grant (PI: Dr. JoAnn Trejo) in collaboration with Dr. Chris Searles, Director of Behavioral Programs and Professional Development of Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) Program and Dr. Vivian Reznik.

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