Pathology Administration

Administrative Leadership

Kai WangVice Chair of Administration(858) 534-7983
Under recruitment
Assistant Department Business Officer

Space and Facilities

Dale Humphries
Space Planner and Facilities Coordinator (858)

Academic Personnel / Human Resources

Karla Sibrian
Academic Personnel and HR Liaison
(858) 534-1888

Sponsored Projects / Fiscal Core

Under recruitment
Financial Analyst

Jennifer ClarkFinancial Specialist
(858) 534-4353
Jasmine Huang
Fund Manager
Breanna SoaresFiscal Assistant (858) 534-4324

Educational Core

Susie Steimle
Education Coordinator
(858) 822-3991

Residency Program

Alexandra MurthaResidency Program Coordinator(858) 249-1096

Divisional Support

Maddie Wichman
Executive Assistant to the Chair
(858) 534-0455
Andrea Bribiesca
Division Support Coordinator
(858) 822-5650
Tyler BadillaDivision Support Coordinator
Dana LindAdministrative Specialist(858) 534-3717
Bianca PhamAdministrative Specialist(858) 657-5119
Cynthia Ryan
Administrative Specialist
(858) 552-8585 x7299
Graham RyanAdministrative Specialist(858) 657-7566
Ruth ThompsonAdministrative Specialist(858) 822-5435
Zoya VigalokAdministrative Assistant(858) 822-2655

Clinical & Hospital Staff

Ana Brinkerhoff
Administrative Director of Clinical Labs
(858) 657-5725
Suzie BourgeoisAdministrative Assistant(858) 657-5779
James Burke
Facilities Project Coordinator(858) 657-5685
Craig Fisher
Laboratory Supervisor
(619) 543-2616
Pat Lapiezo
Administrative Associate(858) 966-5944

Health and Safety

Dale Humphries
Safety Officer & Laboratory Manager(858) 246-0450

The HIV Institute (THI)

Elizabeth Johnson
Administrative Director
(858) 246-2103
Kimberly Schoonover
Operations Coordinator(858) 822-3233
Neil Dutcher
Business Operations Analyst(858) 534-5545

Current/Upcoming Opportunities

ADBO, Financial Specialist, Space and Facilities and Administrative Director for Clinical Labs