Application Information for entering class of 2022

MCAT Policy – updated May 2021 

Given the impacts on MCAT testing from the COVID pandemic over the past year, the following is our policy with regards MCAT for the 2021-22 admissions cycle:  

  • We will accept applications from individuals who have been unable to take the MCAT due to COVID-related test cancellations. For these candidates, we will base secondary application decisions on the information that is available to us at the time of the application.  
  • For all applicants, we will make decisions regarding interviews without consideration of the MCAT score.    
  • We have a strong preference for applicants to have taken the MCAT before we make final, post-interview admissions decisions for the entering class of 2022. We may decide to consider an applicant for an admission decision without an MCAT, on a case-by-case basis, if they were prevented from taking it due to an insurmountable barrier or extenuating circumstance despite a good-faith effort, exclusively per our determination. We will vet applicants in this position for an admissions decision without an MCAT only after they have completed an interview and not beforehand.  
  • If an applicant was able to sit for an MCAT exam but feels their MCAT performance or ability to take the MCAT was significantly adversely affected by a pandemic-related issue, we will allow a short statement describing that hardship or adversity to be appended to their secondary application. 

Fee Waiver Information

Applicants that have received a fee waiver from AMCAS will automatically have their secondary fee waived on the UCSD Secondary payment page. Applicants that were not given a fee waiver by AMCAS may still be able to receive a waiver. To inquire, email with an explanation of why you would like to request a fee waiver.  Please wait until after receiving a secondary application invitation to inquire.



All applicants to UC San Diego School of Medicine must submit an AMCAS application during the official application time period of May 27, 2021 to October 15, 2021. Applicants may begin working on their application as early as May 3, 2021, but will not be able to submit until May 27. Deadline extensions cannot be granted for submission of this application.

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Policy regarding Pass/No Pass and On-Line coursework due to COVID-19 impact
The UCSD School of Medicine will accept grades of Pass/No Pass for all coursework for Winter 2020, Spring 2020, the entire 2020  - 2021 academic year, and Summer 2021   We have always accepted grades from online courses and will continue to do so.  

Explanation of "rolling" admissions

We are aware that the perception of many applicants is that if you don't apply very early in the cycle, you are hurting your chances for admission.   This is not true and in fact has never been true for UCSD.   
We do have "rolling" admissions.   But, what rolling admissions means from our perspective is that we plan to make a small number of offers spread throughout the does NOT mean that we make all of our offers in October and November and reject any applicants that happen to be reviewed later.   
It is very much in our interest to try to form the best possible incoming class, and thus we do not make any decisions based on how early or how late we receive or review an application.   We leave plenty of room for strong applicants that apply later in the cycle.
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 Applicants will be notified by email if approved for a secondary application.

Do not send any letters of recommendation directly to the Admissions Office. UC San Diego will be participating in the AMCAS Letters Service for the 2021 - 2022 Application Year. Please visit the AAMC for more details about this service.

  • A minimum of three letters are required from individuals who can provide a well considered evaluation of your qualifications for the medical profession. We will also accept a single "Committee Letter" compiled by your undergraduate school's pre-med advising office in lieu of the three letter minimum. We accept a maximum of five letters for the MD program, and a maximum of seven letters for the MD/PhD program.   If you are applying to the MD/PhD program, please note that a minimum of two letters should be from research-related faculty
  • Letters from faculty at your four-year undergraduate institution are encouraged but not required. Letters can come from any source, including but not limited to: course instructors, research mentors, clinical faculty, work supervisors, non-faculty practicing physicians.
All communication is through e-mail. Please add the UC San Diego domain ( to your safe list and make sure you regularly check your junk mail as the secondary application is time-sensitive.

UC San Diego School of Medicine does not accept students in transfer from other medical schools.