White Coat Ceremony

Dr. Daniel

Michelle Daniel, MD, MHPE, FACEP
Vice Dean for Medical Education

Dean's Welcome

Our mission at the School of Medicine is to provide cutting edge resources and education to our students so they may grow into innovative and compassionate physicians, focused on providing superior medical care to the global community.

As educators, we are driven to build on our exceptional biomedical, behavioral and health services and research experience. We are at the forefront of new technology and strive to push the boundaries of the art of medicine through education and the preparation of future physicians.




The overall objective of the medical school curriculum at the University of California, San Diego is to instill graduates with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that will lead to their becoming capable, compassionate physicians.

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Student Affairs

The Student Affairs office consists of the Student Life unit and the School of Medicine Registrar. The Student Life unit has the primary responsibility for creating a positive learning environment and supportive medical school community focused on student support and advocacy.

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Financial Aid

We are committed to helping the students of UC San Diego School of Medicine (SOM) by providing counseling and resources crucial to a successful and positive experience at our institution.

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Global Health

Global Health Institute

Think. Act. Impact.
In a world with constantly shrinking borders, global health is a growing concern. The University of California, San Diego is making an international impact with research and health care programs around the globe that fight diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

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