Infectious Disease Fellows


2023-2024 Infectious Disease Fellows

Adriana Giuliani 1st Year Fellow
Adriana Giuliani, MD
1st Year Fellow
Adriana Giuliani, MD is from West Lafayette, IN. She graduated from the Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed a Med/Peds residency at University of Illinois in Chicago. Her career interests include trends and implications of antimicrobial resistance and in emerging infections. Adriana's hobbies are playing board games, taking gym classes, taking care of her cats and hiking in parks. ​ ​
Edward Hill 1st Year Fellow
Edward Hill, MD
1st Year Fellow
Edward Hill, MD is from Oakland, CA. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and completed a residency at University of California, San Diego. His career interests include HIV, hepatitis viruses, herpes viruses, H. pylori, and mycobacteria. Edward's hobbies are running, backpacking and hiking, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, tennis, podcasts, mindful meditation, and spending time with his brother, Nate. 
JJ Khan 1st Year Fellow
Jehanzaeb Jang (JJ) Khan, MD
1st Year Fellow
Jehanzaeb Jang (JJ) Khan, MD ​is from Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated from Aga Khan University and completed a residency at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. His career interests include critical care ID, healthcare disparities, and medical education. His hobbies are hiking, soccer, and going to concerts and movies. 
Daniel Ho 1st Year Fellow
Daniel HO, MD
1st Year Fellow
Daniel Ho, MD is from Westminster, CA. He graduated from University of California, Los Angeles and completed a residency at University of California, Davis. His career intersts include travel ID, global health, and infections in immunocompromised hosts. His hobbies are traveling, eating different cuisines, playing video games, hiking and walking his dog. 
​​Lily Ostrer 1st Year Fellow
Lily Ostrer, MD
1st Year Fellow
Lily Ostrer, MD is from New York City, NY. She graduated from the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and completed a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami. Her career interests include HIV medicine, injection-related infections, pediatric ID, epidemiology, and health equity. Lily's hobbies include bike riding, spending time in nature and community organizing. 

​Morgan Birabaharan, MD
2nd Year Fellow
​​Morgan Birabaharan, MD, graduated from Lehigh University and worked a year as a NIH Postbac IRTA Fellow, before receiving his MD from Hofstra Northwell. After medical school, Morgan joined the ABIM research pathway at UC San Diego, where he has felt incredibly privileged to collaborate with and be personally mentored from world-renowned faculty. Currently, his research interests are broad and include the extrapulmonary manifestations of SARS-CoV-2, sex differences in HIV aging, as well the interplay between the gut microbiome and development of chronic disease. During his medical career he has been awarded the IDSA Medical Scholar, IDSA Kass Award, and has had the kind opportunity to be an expert referee for major medical journals including Clinical Infectious Diseases, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, and the Annals of Internal Medicine. During fellowship, Morgan is eager to continue to use his mentorship and resources at UC San Diego to further refine his research interests and obtain the tools necessary to lead his own basic-science lab, pursuing discovery and new knowledge in the field of infectious diseases.

​Elizabeth Hastie, MD
2nd Year Fellow
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hastie, MD, grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied physics during undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder. She then moved to Atlanta where she attended medical school at Emory University. She completed internal medicine residency at UCSD and stayed for an additional year as a Chief Medical Resident. During residency she pursued research in HIV and CMV. Dr. Hastie is thrilled to be joining the UCSD ID department and is interesting in pursuing a career in HIV medicine. She is also passionate about medical education and hopes to remain in an academic setting.

Hansang Park, MD, MPH
2nd Year Fellow

Hansang Park, MD, MPH, Was born and raised in South Korea, where he attended college and medical school. After one year of post-graduate internship training, he worked as a PCP for three years before moving to the US. He is currently completing an internal medicine residency at NYMC and MPH degree at UC Berkeley. He has previous experience with MERS and COVID, and his passion is scientific research focusing on emerging viral infections, antiviral development, both from translational and clinical perspectives. After the fellowship, he hopes to continue his career as a physician-scientist in academic medicine.​​

Brady Page, MD, MPH
2nd Year Fellow 
​Brady Page, MD, MPH, graduated from UC Berkeley before receiving his MD and MPH&TM from Tulane University, where he was a Ben Kean Fellow in Papua New Guinea, a Fulbright-Fogarty Fellow in Brazil, and a CDC Fellow in Atlanta. He later completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he continued to work on several projects in Papua New Guinea. Throughout his career, Dr. Page's clinical focus has been on addressing the infections and complications that disproportionately affect those living in communities that are underaccessed and underresourced. He is specifically interested in the epidemiology of outbreak-prone, resistant, or severe infections and the clinical management of patients who become critically ill from these infections in austere settings. Additionally, Dr. Page hopes to build on his relationships with clinical and research groups overseas to establish healthy, empowering, professional relationships between institutions in the US and abroad.

Michael Doud, MD, PhD
3rd Year Fellow 
Michael Doud, MD, PhD, grew up in the Chicago suburbs before studying chemical engineering at the University of Michigan. He then spent two years as a research technician at Harvard Medical School, working in Dr. Timothy Springer's lab to determine the protein structure of a malaria vaccine target antigen. Dr. Doud moved to Seattle and completed combined MD/PhD training at the University of Washington, where he developed genomics technologies to study influenza virus evolution in Dr. Jesse Bloom's lab. He completed internal medicine residency at UC San Diego. He has broad interests in basic science and infectious disease, including specific interests in bacteriophage biology and engineering therapeutic phages to treat antibiotic resistant infections.

Patricia (Katie) Riggs, DO

4thYear Fellow


​Patricia (Katie) Riggs, DO, completed her undergraduate degree at University of California, San Diego in biology. She then joined US Peace Corps where she served as a community health educator for two years in Tala, Eastern Province, Kenya with a focus on HIV/AIDS. She returned to San Diego and worked as research assistant and clinical trial coordinator at UCSD’s HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center which solidified her goal to become a physician to allow her to be a future research investigator and provide individual patient care. She went on to medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine.  After graduation, she completed residency in internal medicine at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California.  Dr. Riggs returned to University of California, San Diego in 2020 to pursue training in ID Fellowship. In addition to the clinical training, she is pursuing research focused on the neuropsychiatric effects of viral infections and associated immune dysregulation.

Rehan Syed, MD, MSc
4th Year Fellow
Rehan Syed, MD, MSc, completed his undergraduate degree at Stanford University in human biology. In 2011, Dr. Syed received his MSc in public health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the UK. Dr. Syed returned to California in 2013 and completed both medical school, and residency in internal medicine, at the University of California, San Diego, where he subsequently pursued ID Fellowship in July 2020. During ID Fellowship, Dr. Syed has pursued research on COVID-19 and Guillan-Barre syndrome and preliminary reviews of biomarkers for progression in tuberculosis, in addition to his clinical work. After fellowship, Dr. Syed hopes to pursue research on the molecular epidemiology of the progression of disease in tuberculosis on with a subsequent career in academic medicine.


After completing fellowship, our fellows have pursued both academic, private and community-based infectious diseases positions around the country and locally. Our fellowship has a strong track record of fellows obtaining academic faculty positions at UC San Diego.  Below are the past 6 years of graduating fellows and their current positions. 

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Sydney Ramires, MD
Francisco Guerra, MD, PhD
Samantha Kaplan, MD
Benjamin Chen, MD ​

Jocelyn Keehner, MDAssistant Professor, UC San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Samuel Penziner, MD: Principle Investigator, Velocity Clinical Research, Inc.,  San Diego, CA
Claudia Ramirez-Sanchez, MD: Infectious Diseases Physician, San Ysidro Health; Staff Physician, Tuberculosis and Refugee Health Program, San Diego Department of Public Health; Infectious Disease Physician, UC San Diego, Health, San Diego, CA
Michael Tang, MD: Assistant Professor, UC San Diego, San Diego, CA
Elliott Welford, MD: Assistant Professor, UC San Francisco, CA
Rachel Sigler, DO, MPH: Univeristty of Pittsburgh Medical Center Transplant ID Fellowship, Pittsburgh, PA​

Thomas Martin, MD: Infectious Diseases Physician, UC San Diego Health, San Diego, CA 
Andrea Ramsey, MD: Staff Physician, Tuberculosis and Refugee Health Program, San Diego Department of Public Health & Infectious Diseases Specialist, Scripps Mercy, San Diego, CA
Thaidra Gaufin, MD, PhD: Infectious Diseases Physician, Sansum Clinic, Santa Barbara, CA
Stephen Rawlings, MD, PhD: Infectious Disease Physician, Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME

Katya Prakash, MD: Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
Katherine Promer, MD: Infectious Diseases Physician, UC San Diego Health and Palomar Health, San Diego, CA
Minji Kang, MD: Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Sarah Burgdorf, MD, PhD: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Lucy Horton, MD, MPH: Assistant Professor, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Stephanie LaVergne, MD: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver, Denver, CO
Melanie McCauley, MD: Research Physician, Emerging Infectious Diseases Branch, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, MD

Kevan Akrami, MD: Assistant Physician, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA

Annie Cowell, MD:  Assistant Professor, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Jennifer Dan, MD, PhD:  Assistant Professor, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Susannah Graves, MD: Director, Tuberculosis Prevention and Control, City and County of San Francisco, Department of Public Health, San Francisco, CA
Helen King, MD: Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Monika Kumaraswamy, MD:  Associate  Professor, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Samuel Pan, MD: Infectious Disease Specialist, Alliance Medical Group – Waterbury Health, Waterbury, CT
Nella Green, MD: Principal Investigator, Pacific Research Network, San Diego​, CA
Jeffrey Jenks, MD: Medical Director, Durham County Dept of Public Health, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC
Shawn Koura, MD: Infectious Disease Specialist, Sharp Medical Center, Chula Vista, CA

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