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Community & Service Groups

Two male and one female student standing together smiling in an outdoor courtyard. At the School of Medicine, we recognize that our students are more than just their medical classes. We support and encourage students to join student interest groups to find like-minded peers who come together to support equity, diversitiy and inclusion within the school community, while also supporting their personal goals and interests. 

Community and Service Groups meet regulary to share ideas, learn from one another and in many cases complete community service to improve outcomes for affected groups. 

American College of Physicians Med Student Council

The American College of Physicians Med Student Council aims to connect medical students at UC San Diego with state and national-level events, resources, and institutions that enable them to successfully pursue a career in Internal Medicine. As the student branch of a national organization, we will tap into the opportunities that ACP has to offer medical students in order to make the most use of our education.

American Medical Women's Association

The American Medical Women's Association aims to advance women in medicine, advocate for equity, and ensure excellence in health care. We work with undergraduate premed girls and female residents and doctors to form a community of women in medicine.

Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons aim it to expose women and gender minorities underrepresented in surgery to surgical mentors, research opportunities, and surgical specialties through panels, mixers, and mentorship.

Bioethics Student Interest Group

Our mission is to advance public discussions of ethics in the health sciences and STEM disciplines.

Christian Medical Fellowship

The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) exists to provide a safe space for students of all backgrounds and beliefs to explore the Christian faith. CMF is committed to facilitating this exploration through opportunities for regular fellowship, providing connections with Christian medical professionals, and encouraging open conversations about the intersection of Christianity and life as a medical student. Whether you are interested in learning what this whole “Jesus” thing is about, seeking out spiritual support or prayer, or wanting to deepen your faith, CMF aims to be a welcoming community for everyone.

Circus and Aerial Arts

Our goal is to invite students to explore unique forms of movement through circus/aerial practices such as pole dance, silks, lyra, hand balancing, contortion, etc. Through exposure to these different activities, it allows for balance between the constant grind of school and the need for expression and movement. Students will be able to ignite new passions, and explore new practices in a variety of classes. By taking classes and workshops alongside classmates, new friendships and bonds will also be formed! No background in any sport or dance practice is necessary - come as you are!

Climbing Interest Group

The purpose of the climbing interest group is to promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for all those interested, or would like to try out climbing! Folks of all levels are welcome and we will organize both indoor and outdoor climbing events suitable for everyone! The goal is to reinforce the close community within the School of Medicine and promote an active lifestyle for all, and introduce climbing to the School of Medicine.

Cookies for a Cause

The goal of Cookies for a Causes is to provide a creative outlet for medical students through baking while also connecting with the San Diego community. Baked goods will be shared with patients in the infusion center and any profits made from bake sales will be donated to charity.

Crafts Promote Relaxation (CPR)

We are a wellness group that focuses on providing crafting events for students. We believe that crafts allow students the space to creatively express themselves, destress, and mingle with other classmates when they're not studying!

Displacement and Health SIG

California is the top hosting state for asylum seekers and refugees, with San Diego being the top county for refugee arrivals in California and second nationwide. More awareness and attention is needed for displaced communities as they face worse health outcomes. This organization plans to contribute to the efforts for not only refugees, but other displaced communities including asylum seekers, immigrants, and migrants. We hope to collaborate with the newly formed UCSDSOM-Survivors’ Asylum Clinic and other organizations in San Diego, while promoting an inclusive environment at UCSD and raising awareness for the barriers that displaced populations face in healthcare.

Fitness for Future Physicians

Our purpose is to facilitate fitness and oversell well-being amongst our peers by providing education, support, and opportunities to become more active and more mindful of everyday choices. By promoting physical wellness activities like yoga, hiking, weightlifting, running, and surfing we hope to provide healthier outlets to cope with personal stress as well as a supportive and judgment-free community of like-minded students.

Global Health SIG

The Global Health in Medicine Student Interest Group is a student-driven organization with the dual purpose of (1) raising awareness around and advocating for global health issues and (2) providing a targeted, longitudinal outlet for all SOM students and affiliates to explore an interest in global health. To inform students about and advocate for pertinent global health issues

Harm Reduction UC San Diego

The Harm Reduction UCSD Student Group seeks to address the opioid crisis in a practical manner. Our mission is (1) to spread awareness about ways to mitigate the harms of substance use both on campus and off and (2) to partner with local organizations to help reduce the harms associated with substance use in our community. We support non-judgemental, non-punitive, and non-coercive means of addressing substance use in our society.

Healthcare Innovation

Bolster medical student led innovation efforts at UCSD and connect like-minded students together on common interests of technology, medical innovation, etc.

Health Policy Interest Group

Our mission is to empower future healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of health policy and advocate for equitable, patient-centered care. By leveraging our expertise, resources, and partnerships, we aim to drive positive change in the healthcare landscape, improve health outcomes, and contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.


HILMED (Holistic, Integrative, and Lifestyle Medicine)

The purpose of the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group is as follows: To create and maintain a student-led organization dedicated to lifestyle medicine at University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, where ventures aligned with the tenets of lifestyle medicine may be pursued; To create interest in the University of California San Diego School of Medicine student body in the six pillars of lifestyle medicine; To provide students at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine with opportunities in lifestyle medicine pertaining to their personal interests, including but not limited to community service, educational outreach, research and journal clubs, documentary screenings, cooking classes, wellness workshops, etc.; To advance education of lifestyle medicine principles among future healthcare providers in order to better serve our patients.

Homeless Health Initiative

The mission of the Homeless Health Initiative is to educate the UC San Diego community regarding the intersection of health issues and homelessness, to organize events and actions to support our unhoused neighbors, and to provide resources and care directly to people experiencing homelessness.

Jewish Medical Student Association

The Jewish Medical Student Association is dedicated to fostering Jewish community at the School of Medcine. We serve as a hub for Jewish medical students to connect with peers, mentors, and service opportunities that will enrich their time on campus. Through educational and community events, we hope to spread awareness about Jewish culture and provide resources for students interested in getting involved with the thriving Jewish community of San Diego. We also hope to spearhead educational and health initiatives through our affiliates in the greater Jewish community. We are open to people of all backgrounds who are interested in learning more about Jewish culture and religious practices – come join us for cultural enrichment, new experiences, community engagement, food, and fun!


The goal of the Leadership SIG is to complement the leadership elective and create a space where students can develop core leadership skills and traits through reflection and discussion. We hope to help students to build a more holistic view of the current challenges leaders in our healthcare system face as well as what opportunities for growth and future leadership await them in their own career.

Med Mindset

We provide access to mentors who have shared experiences and who may have faced similar challenges.  We combine a growth mindset with the development of professional and personal skill sets. ​We create a courageous community to help in celebrating successes and to assist in navigating barriers. We catalyze opportunities for students to lead in their communities and to pay it forward

Medical Students for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (MSROP)

Opioid overdose is the second-leading cause of injury-related death in individuals under 45. Many of those who overdose are first introduced to opioids through prescriptions, and much of the press has pointed towards overprescription as a driver of the opioid epidemic. In the treatment of opioid addiction, many patients' struggles resemble chronic conditions, and many national discussions have centered around the role of the physician (e.g. should all physicians be allowed to prescribe suboxone?). Therefore, it is in the best interest of medical students and physicians to understand the latest data and policy landscape so that they can better prevent/manage addiction in their patients. The mission of this organization is to educate current and future physicians on the current state of the opioid epidemic and emerging trends in responsible (or irresponsible) opioid prescription.

Military Medicine Interest Group

The Military Medicine Interest Group (MMIG) is dedicated to empowering and supporting medical students who are interested in military medicine. Our mission is to provide a platform for students to explore the unique opportunities and challenges within military medicine, while fostering a community that promotes education, awareness, and service to active duty personnel and veterans. Key Objectives: 1. Education and Awareness: MMIG aims to educate and raise awareness among medical students about the various opportunities and avenues to serve in the military in a medical capacity. We organize presentations and talks by current and former physicians who have served in the military, providing insights into their experiences and the diverse career paths available. Through these engagements, members gain a comprehensive understanding of the rewards and responsibilities associated with military medicine. 2. Collaboration and Service: We strive to cultivate a collaborative environment that encourages medical students to work with active duty personnel and veterans. MMIG facilitates connections and partnerships with military healthcare professionals, enabling members to contribute to the well-being of those who have served their country. We organize volunteer activities, outreach programs, and initiatives that address the unique healthcare needs of military populations, such as treating unhoused veterans and providing medical assistance in military events. 3. Clinical Exposure and Research: MMIG recognizes the importance of hands-on clinical experience in military healthcare settings. We facilitate shadowing opportunities at esteemed institutions such as the La Jolla VA and Balboa Naval Hospital, allowing members to observe and learn from healthcare professionals who provide care to military personnel and veterans. Additionally, we actively seek research opportunities in the realm of military medicine, encouraging members to engage in projects that explore advancements in military healthcare, trauma management, and rehabilitation. 4. Innovative Approaches to Care: MMIG endeavors to explore and discuss innovative approaches to care in military medicine. We organize talks and workshops on emerging treatments, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and the potential use of psychedelics in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans. By fostering discussions and providing a platform for knowledge exchange, we aim to stay at the forefront of medical advancements and their potential implications for military healthcare. 5. Personal and Professional Development: MMIG is committed to the holistic development of its members, recognizing that personal and professional growth is crucial for future healthcare leaders in the military. We organize workshops and seminars on leadership, cultural competence, and interprofessional collaboration. Through these initiatives, members enhance their communication skills, gain insights into the unique challenges faced by military healthcare providers, and cultivate qualities that contribute to their success as compassionate and effective military physicians. The Military Medicine Interest Group strives to empower medical students to make a meaningful impact in military healthcare. By providing educational resources, fostering partnerships, facilitating clinical exposure and research opportunities, and promoting innovative approaches to care, we aim to prepare our members to serve with distinction and contribute to the well-being of active duty personnel and veterans. Together, we aspire to honor the sacrifices made by those who serve their country by advocating for their health, well-being, and quality of life.

Music in Medicine

Music in Medicne encourages medical students to share their musical and creative talents together throughout the year. We aim to showcase these talents at the end of the fall or winter qduarter with an intimate relaxed "coffeehouse" fundraiser concert for Street Outreach.

Pepperoni Prognosis

Pepperoni Prognosis caters pizzas for social events and other SIG events.

Pick Up Soccer

The Pick Up Soccer group hopes to promote team building and fun through pick up soccer games!

Premedical Advising from Medical Students (PAMS)

Premedical Advising from Medical Students is a group of UC San Diego medical students who offer one-on-one advising with pre-meds on a monthly basis. We allow pre-medical students to ask questions about the journey to medical school, what makes a strong candidate, how to choose which schools to apply to, what medical school is like, lifestyle concerns and more!

Reach MCAT

Reach MCAT provides free, longitudinal MCAT coaching to students of low socioeconomic status or from underrepresented communities within medicine.

SOM Mentors

The School of Medicine Mentors aim to foster mentor-mentee relationships between UC San Diego School of Medicine students and UC San Diego pre-med undergraduate students, particularly those who identify as underrepresented minorities, are from traditionally underserved backgrounds, and/or have non-traditional educational trajectories.

Students of Color Opportunity and Resource Education

Mission Statement: Students of Color Opportunity and Resource Education (SCORE) At Students of Color Opportunity and Resource Education (SCORE), our mission is to promote diversity and inclusivity in medicine by providing educational opportunities and fostering interest in healthcare among communities of color in San Diego. We believe that equitable access to quality education and exposure to the field of medicine are essential in creating a diverse healthcare workforce that reflects the communities it serves. Key Objectives: 1. Community Engagement: SCORE is committed to engaging with communities of color across San Diego to provide exposure to the field of medicine. We partner with the San Diego Unified School District to visit elementary, middle, and high schools and host presentations. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we aim to inspire students from underrepresented backgrounds to consider careers in healthcare and medicine. We invite physicians of color from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to accompany us on these visits, offering students role models who share their backgrounds and experiences. 2. Medical Workshops: SCORE organizes medical workshops tailored for children in communities of color of San Diego. These workshops provide hands-on experiences and interactive learning opportunities, allowing participants to explore various aspects of medicine and healthcare. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where students can engage in activities like investigating cow eyes or pig hearts for dissections, fostering their curiosity and understanding of physiological processes. 3. Mentorship and Role Models: We recognize the significance of mentorship in inspiring and supporting aspiring healthcare professionals from underrepresented groups. SCORE seeks to connect students with mentors who share similar backgrounds and have experience navigating the medical field. Through mentorship programs and events, we aim to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to students as they pursue their educational and career aspirations. 4. Community Advocacy and Outreach: SCORE advocates for equal access to healthcare and educational opportunities for communities of color. We will actively collaborate with community organizations, local healthcare providers, and educational institutions to address healthcare disparities and promote diversity in medicine. 5. Empowering Future Leaders: SCORE is committed to empowering future leaders who will champion diversity and inclusion in healthcare. We will provide workshops and seminars on topics such as cultural competency, implicit bias, and social determinants of health. Through these educational initiatives, we will equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide equitable and culturally sensitive care, and to advocate for the health and well-being of all patients. By offering educational opportunities, hands-on experiences, mentorship, and community advocacy, SCORE strives to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and increase representation of underrepresented groups in medicine. Together, we aim to create a more inclusive healthcare system that values diversity, embraces cultural humility, and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Students on Bikes (SOB)

Students on Bikes is dedicated to bringing together medical students and physicians who enjoy getting a bit short of breath on bikes whether for transportation, exercise, or leisure. The group will focus on fostering a community for those who cycle by creating an inclusive space for those who enjoy biking, promoting bicycle safety, and using bikes to bring positive change.

The Human Condition

The Human Condition student interest group strives to create the best literary art magazine a medical school has to offer! The Human Condition, the annual art and literary magazine of the UCSD School of Medicine was borne of the imaginative stories written by medical students in the elective "The Good Doctor: The Works of Anton Checkhov." It is a forum for the creative work of medical students, residents, and faculty of the UCSD School of Medicine.

Together We Thrive

At Together We Thrive, we are dedicated to fostering transparency, empathy, and unwavering support within the medical student community. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing space where medical students facing diverse challenges—academic, financial, emotional, physical, or mental—can come together to share their burdens, triumphs, and experiences openly and honestly. We understand that the journey to becoming a healthcare professional is filled with unique stressors and pressures. Our primary goal is to provide a supportive network of peers who can relate to the struggles you may encounter along this demanding path. We firmly believe that no one should feel alone in their challenges, and by sharing our stories and offering a listening ear, we aim to dispel the myth that everyone else is effortlessly succeeding. Through regular support group meetings, workshops, and resources, we seek to empower medical students to prioritize their mental health and well-being. Together, we strive to build a tightly-knit community where every member feels valued, understood, and capable of facing adversity with resilience. At Together We Thrive, we are committed to promoting a culture of compassion, understanding, and inclusivity within the medical education community. Together, we aspire to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health challenges, reduce feelings of isolation, and create a brighter, more supportive future for all medical students. Join us in this journey towards better mental health, camaraderie, and personal growth.

UC San Diego School of Surf

The UC San Diego School of Surf surfing interest group aims to cultivate a community of medical students and physicians who share a love of surfing. We hope students and physicians will build meaningful connections with one another while enjoying this shared hobby. Surfing is a wonderful means of reducing the many anxieties that accompany medical school and the medical profession, and we hope students and physicians alike will experience this through our organization. The purpose of our interest group is also to provide students and physicians with opportunities to engage with our local community and care for the ocean we are so fortunate to enjoy. Examples of community engagement that we pursue include beach clean ups and volunteer work with local organizations that teach surfing to disadvantaged children. Ultimately, our interest group creates a harmonious blend of wellness, resilience, camaraderie, and service through the transformative experience of surfing.

UC San Diego Med Salon

The University of California San Diego Med Salon is designed to allow students with creative skills - ex: haircuts/brow waxes/professional makeup/etc. to have a way to give back to the School of Medcine student body and offer services once per month (plus special occasions). These services are usually very costly and some of us students have experience in the cosmetic field and want to give back to our community for free!

UC San Diego Salsologists

The UC San Diego Salsologists  promote cultural diversity and student wellness through learning, appreciating, and practicing Latin dance.


UkRAIM is a student interest group focused on providing medical assistance and aid to the thousands of Ukrainian refugees that have recently arrived to San Diego as a result of the humanitarian crisis currently taking place in their homeland. Many of these people have lost everything – their families, friends, and homes – and were forced to flee. Our goal is to fundraise, advocate for these refugees, and ensure their access to medical care and basic survival needs as they settle in the San Diego area.

The Ultrasounds A Cappella

The Ultrasounds A Cappella is UC San Diego School of Medicine's  A Cappella group, aiming to bring together students to share the joy of singing with each other and the community.

Unedited Voices of Medicine

Unedited Voices of Medicine is a student-run initiative at UC San Diego School of Medicine that aims to destigmatize conversations around mental health in medical school. Our mission is to inspire hope in medical students who are suffering from acute or chronic mental illness and debunk the idea that medical students have it “together all of the time.” We have stories with hardships that have made us who we are, and sharing our authentic selves is how we drive positive culture change in our field. Mental health is health.


The UV+Me interest groups works closely with K-12 students to educate them on the importance of sun safety and UV Protection.

Value Based Medical Interest Group

In order to ensure future generations have access to affordable healthcare, we embrace the view of multiple professional organizations (including the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine, the American College of Physicians, and the American Board of Internal Medicine) that we must foster a culture which prioritizes evidence-based, high value healthcare at the earliest stages of medical training. At its core, value-based healthcare is centered on improving patient-centered outcomes—maximizing quality, safety, and affordability—while exercising good stewardship of limited health care resources. Students will be exposed to topics including health care financing, administration, waste and inefficiencies—as well as methods to combat overutilization—and delivery models that prioritize and incentivize a team-based approach to care delivery and coordination, in contrast to the traditional fee-for-service model. The course will feature a variety of faculty facilitators to allow a broad perspective by highlighting real-world applications of high-value care in practice.

Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group

The Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group (WMSIG) is a student-run organization dedicated to providing medical students with the knowledge and sills necessary to provide safe and effective care in a resource limited environment. WMSIG accomplishes this mission through a variety of activities, including: 1. Education: WMSIG hosts a variety of educational events throughout the year, such as panels, workshops, and outdoor events. These events provide students with the opportunity to learn about a wide range of wilderness medicine topics such as first aid, Wilderness First Responder, and Advanced Wilderness Life Support. 2: Service: WMSIG volunteers its time and expertise to support wilderness medical organizations. This service includes providing medical care at outdoor events and working with local land management agencies to improve wilderness safety. 3. Fun: UC San Diego brings in a lot of students to their medical school who love the outdoors. The WMSIG provides a place for students to meet other like-minded students and share in the joy of spending time outdoors while learning Wilderness Medicine practices. The WMSIG is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all students interested in wilderness medicine. We believe that everyone has something to contribute to the field, regardless of their background or experience. We are passionate about wilderness medicine and we are excited to share our knowledge and skills with others.

Wimbledon Pickleball Club, San Diego Chapter

The mission of hte WImbledon Pickleball Club, San Diego Chapter is to spread awareness and encourage accessibility for the sport of Pickleball.