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World-Class Patient Care at a Top-Ranked Academic Health System

UC San Diego Health is the affiliated health system for UC San Diego School of Medicine and serves as the primary clincial training site for students and trainees. As the only academic health system in the region, UC San Diego Health is continuously ranked the No. 1 health system in San Diego, according to U.S. News and World Report

Our students and trainees are key members of the patient care teams and are guided by the best and brightest medical leaders in the region. 

Characterists of our unique clinical learning environment:

  • A dedication to improving the health of our underserved communities in the San Diego region and beyond.
  • A work environment designed to train empathetic and compassionate providers. 
  • A diverse, cross-border patient population with a wide range of health care needs.



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Contacting a Health Care Provider

Are you a patient who needs to make an appointment with a health care provider? Please vist the UC San Diego Health website for additional information.

UC San Diego Health

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials conducted by UC San Diego physicians and researchers are making continuous discoveries to find treatments and therapies for disease and improve quality of life. Participation in clinical trials is available for qualifying patients diagnosed with a variety of conditions, including cancer, NAFLD, epilepsy, HIV and more.

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Clinical Training

Our trainees and students complete their clinical training at state-of-the-art facilities throughout the UC San Diego Health System and San Diego region.

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Jacobs Medical Center, UC San Diego Health