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Career & Specialty Groups

student practicing procedure on a manekin torso

As students progress through medical school, their specialty interests may change or they may become even more focused on identified specialty-focused opportunities. Our students and faculty lead a variety of special interest groups designed to further educational and learning opportunities and events.

Anesthesiology Interest Group

The purpose of the Anesthesia Interest Group is to increase student exposure to the field of anesthesia, and provide mentorship and collaboration.

Cardiology Interest Group

The Cardiology special interest group is designed to introduce students to the field of cardiology, cardiology research, and various cardiology sub specialties.

Dermatology Interest Group

The purpose of the Dermatology Interest Group is to provide resources, guidance, and mentorship to any medical students interested in the field of dermatology. We are actively partnered with the UC San Diego dermatology residency program and are connected with community dermatology volunteering opportunities that we pass on to our members.

Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group

The Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group is dedicated to gaining exposure to the field of Diagnostic Radiology through lunch talks/mixers, mentorship, and shadowing.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest group at UC San Diego School of Medicine is the largest, most active interest group on campus, seeking to expose medical students to the field of emergency medicine. Activities range from suture labs and EKG workshops, to wilderness medicine hikes and a wide variety of lunch talks. Lecture topics have included ED ECMO, toxicology, advanced EKG interpretation, and diving/hyperbaric medicine. Our most well-known and attended event is the fondly named “Subspecialty Showcase,” in which faculty representing the many fellowships within emergency medicine compete for your votes as the best EM Subspecialty.

ENT Interest Group

The purpose of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) interest Groups is to introduce student to otolaryngology, a specialty often not discussed within regular School of Medicine curriculum. We hope to connect students to residents and faculty, provide students with clinical experience, research, and mentorship, and advance the presence of ENT within the School of Medicine community.

Family Medicine Interest Group

The mission of the UC San Diego Family Medicine Interest Group is to introduce students to the opportunities and philosophies of Family Medicine. Through various academic settings we explore the wide range of professional options available to family physicians, as well as opportunities to interact with UC San Diego faculty members and Family Physicians throughout San Diego.

General Surgery Interest Group

The General Surgery interst group aims to expose and connect students to surgical specialities, hands-on opportunities, and research.

Geriatrics Interest Group

UCSD SOM’s Geriatrics Student Interest Group aims to highlight student interest in the growing specialty of geriatric medicine. We aim to provide information, experience, and opportunities for students to develop their interest and passion for caring for older adults in their future careers.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group's mission is to help medical students explore internal medicine, especially in the pre-clinical years. Our mission is to provide opportunities for shadowing, mentorship, and networking to medical students interested in internal medicine and all of its subspecialties.

Interventional Radiology Interest Group (IRIG)

A group dedicated to gaining exposure to the field of Interventional Radiology through lunch talks, Angio Club, shadowing, and hopefully hands-on practicals.

Med Ped Interest Group

The Med-Peds interest group's mission is to help students explore the Med-Peds specialty and the different career options within it. We will help students with opportunities to shadow, find mentors, and network with Med-Peds physicians in the area. We will have events including informational sessions on the specialty and careers within Med-Peds, panels, and clinical case study sessions.

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The Neurosurgey Interest Group strives to provide medical students with the knowledge and guidance necessary towards pursuing a future career in the field of neurosurgery. Our SIG aims to help students decide whether pursuing a neurological surgery residency is an ideal fit for them, provide knowledge on opportunities related to neurosurgery (e.g research, shadowing, volunteering) available within (and outside) the UC San Diego School of Medicine, and provide mentorship either though our upper classmen or staff/residents within the neurological surgery department at UC San Diego. Lastly, we also want to provide an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and to share their ideas to facilitate rapport and development within our SIG.

OB-GYN Interest Group

The OB-GYN Interest Group aims to support and provide mentorship for those interested in going into Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Oncology Interest Group

The goals of the Oncology Interest Group are to: 1) help shed light on oncology and its subspecialties, 2) allow students to hear directly from a wide range of oncologists about their experiences, and 3) provide opportunities for shadowing, mentorship, and research in the field.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The mission of the Ophthalmology Student Interest Group is to provide medical students at US San Diego with the opportunity to learn about ophthalmology, a specialty which is not often covered in the core medical curriculum, as well as to host events throughout the year that highlight exciting aspects of the field and promote networking between students and ophthalmology faculty.

Ortho Mindset

The Ortho Mindeset Interest group is designed to increase exposure to orthopedic surgery as a career pathway to those students that identify as female (particularly of underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds) through mentorship and hands-on activities

Orthopaedics Interest Group

The Orthopaedics Interest Group was created to provide students with an interest in orthopaedics an avenue to make connections, gain experience, and further explore specialties.

Palliative Care Interest Group

The Palliative Care Interest Group's mission is to bring awareness to the palliative care specialty.

Pathology Student Interest Group

The Pathology SIG works closely with the Pathology Department and Dr. Bailey to spread information and interest in the Pathology field and specialty. We work closely with pathologist to host interesting events - such as subspeciality discussion, residency Q&As with the Program Director, and interactive workshops.

Pediatrics Interest Group

The Pediatrics Interest Group 's mission is to create opportunities for career development, networking, and mentorship in the field of pediatrics

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group's mission is to educate students and expose them to opportunities in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery through talks, panels and educational workshops.

PM&R Interest Group

Our mission is to enhance awareness of Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM&R) as a specialty, connect students with faculty mentors in the field, and assist students in exploring career options within physiatry.

Psychedelics and Cannabis in Medicine SIG

The purpose of the Psychedelics and Cannabis in Medicine SIG is to introduce students to the new and rapidly growing use of psychedelics and medicinal cannabis in clinical practice. These treatments are beginning to be used for a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, PTSD, depression, and other mood and behavioral disorders. It is critical that medical students learn about this ongoing research and the potential for use of psychedelics and cannabis for our patients. Through collaboration with the UCSD Psychedelic Science group, we also aim to promote interprofessional collaboration and allow medical students to learn more about the basic science contributing to this field. We will also hold social and networking events for students interested in this field. Mission Statement: We aim to hold educational events which highlight new and exciting advances in medical applications of psychedelics and cannabis. This emerging field is extremely promising and we aim to inform medical students about the body of evidence for these treatments. We also aim to honor the historical and cultural use of psychedelics in healing which predates modern medicine and uplift the voices of those who have been criminalized for use of these substances.

Psychiatry Interest Group

The purpose of Psychiatry Interest Group is to introduce medical students to psychiatry, strengthen the relationship between the school of medicine and practicing psychiatrists, and guide medical students to be successful psychiatry applicants.

Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society

The SIG is to serve as a chapter for the national Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society whose mission is to promote the professional development of women in orthopaedics throughout all stages of their careers.

Simulation in Medicine

The Simulation in Medicine Student Interest Group (SIM SIG) aims to educate medical students about the role of simulation in medical education and provide them with hands-on experience in the Simulation Training Center (STC) through lectures, workshops, simulated patient scenarios, and research opportunities.

Students Interested in Pediatric Surgery (SIPS)

The mission of Students Interested in Pediatric Surgery (SIPS) is to provide medical students with valuable resources and experiences to explore and excel in the highly competitive field of pediatric surgery. We recognize the unique challenges and demands of this specialized discipline and are committed to preparing our members for a successful career in pediatric surgery. Our primary goal is to foster a supportive community where medical students passionate about pediatric surgery can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Through a diverse range of activities, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, we aim to empower our members with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to thrive in this challenging field.

Sports Medicine Interest group

The primary goal of the Sports Medicine Interest Group is to help students learn more about the field of sports medicine and explore various careers in sports medicine. From clinical exposure and faculty mentoring to community outreach programs providing resources and education about nutrition and exercise to local communities, we strive to promote awareness about this dynamic field.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Student Interest Group in Neurology aspires to increase exposure of medical students to neurology subspecialties, career paths, and research.

Ultrasound Interest Group

The purpose of the Ultrasound Interest Group is  for students to gain more exposure to ultrasound, gain hands on Ultrasound experience, and get involved in Ultrasound research.

Urology Interest Group

The purpose of the Urology Interest Group is to increase opportunities for mentorship and research for medical students in the field of Urology.

Vascular Surgery Interest Group

The purpose of the Vascular Surgery Interest Group is to foster an understanding and appreciation for the field of vascular surgery among medical students. The group mission is to provide opportunities for students to explore and engage with the specialty, while promoting education, research opportunity, and professional development in vascular surgery.