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Who Should Apply to PRIME-HEq?

PRIME-HEq is open to all applicants to the UC San Diego School of Medicine (SOM). Applicants with the intent to practice in California and who have an interest in serving populations at risk for health disparities are encouraged to apply. PRIME-HEq students are given specialized teaching focused on providing the knowledge and skills to better care for people from traditionally underserved groups. PRIME-HEq students will graduate from this 5-year program with a medical degree and a master’s degree. In addition to the UC San Diego SOM admission requirements, PRIME-HEq applicants will be evaluated on their commitment to and background in community service.

Why Health Equity?

Eliminating barriers by providing culturally competent care not only improves patient outcomes but contributes to a healthier society as a whole.

More about Why


Learn more about the PRIME-HEq program by viewing some Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQs about PRIME-Heq