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Program in Medical Education


The School of Medicine’s Program in Medical Education (PRIME) is part of a system-wide effort at the University of California to train physicians to meet the needs of California’s diverse population particularly among communities that are traditionally underserved by the medical system. By combining specialized coursework, structured clinical experiences, advanced independent study and mentoring, PRIME programs aim to prepare highly motivated, socially conscious students as future clinicians, leaders and policymakers.

PRIME graduates choose to work in underrepresented communities and with underserved populations. PRIME plays an important role in enhancing structural social mobility and encouraging learners from these same underserved communities to pursue a medical degree. Two-thirds of PRIME students are from groups under-represented in medicine, are first generation college graduates, or are from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Health Equity

The Program in Medical Education Health Equity (PRIME-HEq) is a 5-year MD/master's program that is committed to training physicians to meet the needs of under-resourced communities.


group photo of students wrapped in blankets at indigenous medicine ceremony

Transforming Indigenous Doctor Education

The Program in Medical Education - Transforming Indigenous Doctor Education (PRIME-TIDE) is a 5-year MD/master's program designed to prepare medical students for careers focused on providing healthcare to Native populations.