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Contact Information

The Office of Educational Support Services is located in the Biomedical Sciences Building, Rm 1208. 

Contacts by Course

Educators to contact for assistance by quarter and course:

Fall Quarter

Fall Quarter Course Contact
Foundations of Medicine
Cardiovascular System I Steve Schneid
Pulmonary System I Steve Schneid
Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition Steve Schneid
Anatomy, Histology (in all Fall courses) Paul Kingston

Winter Quarter

Winter Quarter Course Contact
Renal System I Steve Schneid
Musculoskeletal System Paul Kingston
Mind, Brain, and Behavior I Steve Schneid,
Paul Kingston
Anatomy, Histology (in all Winter courses) Paul Kingston

Spring Quarter

Spring Quarter Course Contact
Endocrinology, Reproduction, and Metabolism Steve Schneid
Hematology Steve Schneid
Anatomy, Histology (in all Spring courses) Paul Kingston

Summer Quarter

Summer Quarter Course Contact
Core Topics in Biomedical Sciences

Steve Schneid (course director), 
Katharina Brandl, 
Paul Kingston