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Pathways to Careers in Health Sciences

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This program is directed at students from disadvantaged social and economic backgrounds, students from ethnic groups that are underrepresented in science/medicine, and students with disabilities who want to continue to medical school. The main objective of this program is to engage these students in active research projects, which is a key component for a successful medical school application. In addition, participants are provided with opportunities for medically related experiences such as physician shadowing and internships. Participants are assisted in the preparation of strong medical school applications. Students initially participate in a basic training laboratory (BMTL) directed at teaching the necessary basic skills to participate successfully in a research project. The BMTL is followed by joining a research group to get involved in a project under the mentorship of an internationally recognized investigator. Two mentors, research and clinical, supervise and assist the participants in their endeavors and medical school applications.​

Interested participants, please contact Tam Nguyen or Barbara Rho.