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Scheduling Events

Use of the Center requires an approved faculty sponsor who will be responsible for the training session and equipment used. Simulation Training Center (STC) reservations should be submitted by UCSD Health Sciences faculty or staff ONLY. All reservation requests will be reviewed and approved by the Medical Education Administration before scheduling.

Please schedule your event for the STC at least two weeks in advance to allow enough time to make all appropriate arrangements to ensure your event is successful.

Follow the steps below to schedule:

    1. Check the availability of the Simulation Training Center for your desired date/time by accessing the Calendar of Events page.
    2. If the Center is available, you are ready to make a reservation. Access the Health Sciences AV & Room Scheduling website. 
    3. Login using your UCSD email account credentials and scroll down to the Simulation Center Requests (SOM) option at the bottom of the 'My Reservations Templates' section and click "Book Now".

      Reservation Details - Screen Capture Step 1

    4. Enter the desired date and time for your event and recurrence (if applicable) and click "Search". You may also search via Room Number/ Location. (hint: Type "Sim" for a list of simulation rooms.)

      Reservation Details - Screen Capture Step 2

    5. Click the blue plus sign (+) to the left of the desired room for your event. The room must be open (unscheduled) for the system to allow you to schedule the room. If you want to include another room for that same date/time, just click the appropriate plus sign (+) for the additional rooms. If you need another room for a different date or time for this same event request, enter new desired date/time in the left panel. Selected rooms will be displayed near the top of the page.

      Reservation Details - Screen Capture Step 3

    6. Enter any notes and select desired equipment for your session. Enter index/ cost center number(required). Then click "Next Step".

      Reservation Details - Screen Capture Step 4

    7. Enter all required reservation details, verify index, agree to terms & conditions, and click "create reservation". You will receive a confirmation message when the Simulation Training Center room and equipment (if included) has been approved and reserved.

      Reservation Details - Screen Capture Step 5


Simulation Training Center occupants are responsible for cleaning up from their event - including following the appropriate procedures for cleaning the task trainers, throwing away all trash, wiping up any liquids, returning any tables/chairs to the rooms/locations where they were obtained and contacting the Simulation Training Center staff if there are any issues that cannot be addressed immediately after the event.