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HS Room Scheduling

The Simulation Training Center calendar shows current availability to reserve the center.

Go to HS Room Scheduling


Follow these steps to view the schedule of currently scheduled events:

  1. Go to the Browse Locations page of the HS Reservations website.
    browse locations screen page 1
    Figure 1
  2. Click the Add / Remove Locations link (Item #1 in Figure 1). In the Locations window (Figure 2), click the VIEWS tab at the top of the window and then the STC Equip / MET LL checkbox and then the Update Locations button.
    VEMS MET LL STC equipment view
    Figure 2
  3. Adjust the view for the desired date by clicking the appropriate directional buttons by the date (Item #3 in Figure 1).
  4. Verify room availability for the MET Lower Level rooms.
    STC layout
    Figure 3