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Rooms Scheduled By Others

Resources for Room Scheduling

Department Room Contacts by Location


Department Room Name - Location Capacity Contact Info
Admin MPF 4th Floor, #4-450
Videoconferencing capability in this room
30 seats Office Staff
MPF 4th Floor, #4-470
Videoconferencing capability in this room
10 seats
Emergency Medicine EM Conf Room
MPF 3rd Floor, #3-352
8 seats Office Staff
Facilities Plant Services Conf Rm
330 Dickinson Street, Room #109
15 seats Office Staff
NICU Neo-Natal Conf room
Tower 2nd floor, #2-714
20 seats Michelle
Nutrition Small Dining Rooms 2 & 3
Hillcrest Cafeteria
50 seats Office Staff
Radiology Lasser Conf Rm
Tower 1st Floor, 1-155 (Old Gift shop)
30 seats Dion Brown
Trauma Bloom Conf Room
MPF 2nd Floor, Room #2-256
20 seats Office Staff
Human Resources Main HR Conf Room
Located at Mission Valley
1450 Frazee Road, Suite 500
San Diego, CA 92108
25 seats Office Staff
Camelot Room
Hillcrest Medical Center
132 Dickinson St
San Diego, CA 92103
45 seats Office Staff


Department Room Name - Location* Capacity Contact
Moores Cancer Center ONcLINE - Moores Cancer Center's Room Scheduling system*
*Note: VPN or campus network required. Clients have reported having issues accessing this site from certain computers.
The Goldberg auditorium does have videoconferencing capability.
HS Room Scheduling has no other contact information for this location.
ECOB ECOB Room 2-058, Training Room Aiza Genilo
9560 Town Centre Drive Town Centre Drive's training rooms
Room 150A Training Rm
40 seats
Room 150B Training Rm 28 seats
SCVC There are no conference rooms available for groups outside of CVC clinical.
MCM 2 Computer training rooms Room 202 Information Services
Room 203 EDR

*Notice: HS Room Scheduling only schedules certain rooms at the La Jolla Medical Center. The limited information known is shown below as well as any other information regarding those areas. No additional contact information is available — except where listed.


Department Room Name - Location Capacity Contact
Dean's Office Bailey Conference Rm
(formerly "Small" conf room)
Videoconferencing capability in this room
10 seats Dean's Office Staff
Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior formerly named Center for Molecular Genetics
(unavailable for classes)
CNCB Large Conference Room / Marilyn G. Farquhar Seminar Room 97 seats Scheduled by the CMM Reservations Staff
CNCB Small Conference Room 12 seats
Cellular and Molecular Medicine East CMM East 3rd Floor Patio LICR Administration
Ludwig Inst. for Cancer Research
Cellular and Molecular Medicine East CMM East Room 2001
GPL Bldg, Room 234

(priority for CMM Department associates)
15 seats

CMM Room Reservations
George Palade Laboratories
formerly named
Center for Molecular Medicine West
GPL Bldg, Room 340
(priority for Howard Hughes Inst. associates)
15 seats Tanya Hobart
Skaggs School of Pharmacy Building Various Rooms
(Including auditorium)
Shelly Fromholtz

Pharmacy Sciences Building room reservations
VA Medical Center Multipurpose Rm
Lecture Hall, 1st Floor East (past elevators)
300–400 seats Recreational Therapy
858-552-8585, Ext. 7410
Conference Rm 4003 30 seats For AudioVisual Orders: Contact Medical Media
858-552-8585, Ext. 3641