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Program Funding


The UC San Diego MSTP is funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) / National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) and other UC San Diego funds. Trainees receive full fee support as well as a competitive annual stipend during their medical school training.

The Graduate Program and/or thesis advisor are the primary source of funding during the graduate years. However, MSTP trainees are strongly encouraged to apply for private and public grants during the graduate years. See the list of Predoctoral Funding Opportunities (PDF), as well as the list of Funding Sponsors provided by the UC San Diego OCGA (Office of Contract and Grant Administration).

There are other fringe benefits to being in the MSTP — the Program encourages and provides funding for trainee travel to scientific meetings and conferences. Trainees who will be presenting research results are given top priority for travel funds. Trainees also receive journal subscriptions and library copy cards, as well as health insurance, payments for licensing exams and graduate application fees.


Non-residents are expected to fulfill requirements to become a California resident in order to qualify for resident fees by the second year of medical school. This will require a petition to become a California resident through the UC San Diego Registrar 4–6 weeks before the Fall term of the second year begins. Get information on establishing residency.


The UC San Diego School of Medicine does not withhold taxes — all students should make quarterly payments to avoid penalties.

We have an annual Tax Workshop to help with understanding and filing taxes.