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The Academic Resource Center and the departments they support utilize several different electronic systems to perform a variety of tasks.  More information about each of these systems can be found below.

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Service Now

Service Now is a case management system used by ARC to keep track of requests for different tasks that have been submitted by Health Sciences faculty and their departments. Through this system, ARC representatives and requesting departments can see which stage each task is currently on, who is responsible for taking the next action, and how many more steps are required before the task is completed. The system can also be used to upload any supplementary documents that are required to complete a request. For more information about Service Now or to request access, please click here to contact an ARC representative.

Click here to access Service Now



SalPro is a module that allows staff to complete several faculty salary-related functions. Access to this system is granted on an as-needed basis. If you'd like to request access, please click here to email Han Ho.

Click here to access SalPro

Online Personnel Information System (OPIS)

The Online Personnel Information System (OPIS) is a data repository and reporting tool for employee data. OPIS extracts data from various campus systems. Select department staff are granted access to run reports. Please contact Monica Gudea at for more information.

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Online Position Request

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the automated system for Online Position Requests. This is the first module of the ASA Switchboard developed (by ASA & BADG) as part of a comprehensive ASA process improvement initiative. The Online Position Request module will offer many immediate benefits including:

  • Comprehensive electronic approvals
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Online status reports
  • Information sharing capabilities

The application should be intuitive but individual and group training can be made available upon request.

Please contact Fernando Ortega at

Click here to access Online Position Requests