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The Academic Resource Center is equipped to respond to a wide variety of academic personnel-related action requests for Health Sciences departments. The tables below will discuss each of these actions in depth to assist you in determining whether ARC will be able to provide you with a specific service.

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Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
Recruitment​​Prepare and submit recruitment requests for faculty and academic appointments.  Provide guidance and support​ on the establishment of the search chair and committee, recruitment plan and advertisement text and posting.  Draft selection report, gather recruitment information, and obtain final approval before initiating the new appointment process.Dependent upon desired start date of candidate(s).
Waiver of RecruitmentPrepare and submit recruitment waivers (including change in series) and obtain final approval.Dependent upon desired start date of candidate(s).

New Appointment

Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
New AppointmentSupport new appointment process (for academics and faculty).  Provide guidance on appropriate rank, series, and step for candidate.  Facilitate call for materials, collect, and synthesize documents and information.  Request launch of credentialing link and issuance of billing packet from central offices. Facilitate solicitation of referees and review letters of reference.  Route compiled files to voting committees.  Draft department chair letters and submit completed appointment files to central office for review/endorsement/approval.4-6 months.
Return to Active Duty (RTAD)/RecallPrepare RTAD form with required information and verify eligibility. Solicit required documents from candidate. Submit for final approval. Notices of expiring RTADs will be sent out 90 days prior to expiration.
VisasProvide support and guidance for visa applications as it relates to a faculty or academic appointment. Solicit required documents from candidate and department to complete appropriate visa application.  Collaborate with IFSO on visa/immigration cases. Provide general services for J-1 and H-1B applications.90 days.

Personnel Administration

Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
Voluntary/Non-Salaried Faculty File Preparation Facilitate new appointment/reappointment/separation process for non-salaried/voluntary faculty appointments. Issue call for materials, collect and synthesize materials.  Monitor appointment end dates. None - turnaround time dependent upon client response time.
E-VerifyProcess e-verify requests and notify appropriate parties.None.
Leaves (FMLA)Provide guidance and support of leave of absence requests for faculty, academics and scholars. Support the completion of required documents and process leave paperwork in addition to FMLA paperwork coordination with the HR Benefits unit. (note: MSP staff physician leaves are managed by HR) At least 2 weeks advance notice.
Leaves (Professional Development/ Sabbatical) Provide guidance and support of leave processes and policies. Support the completion of required documents. Remind employee of 90-day deliverable timeline upon return from sabbatical. At least 2 weeks advance notice.
SeparationsProcess appropriate separation paperwork (excluding issuance of layoff notice and exit interviews) and facilitate separation of the employee in the payroll system to generate final paycheck. Provide COBRA packet and other resources.  Address general separation questions.At least 2 weeks advance notice.
OnboardingPrepare onboarding packet and complete hire bundle in the payroll system and establish e-mail account. Coordinate time for onboarding with employee. Provide guidance in the completion of required forms and additional employment information (overview of benefits, required training, campus resources).  Address general inquiries. Internally dependent on candidate's start date.
MSP Staff Physician Contract Preparation Prepare, process and implement MSP Staff Physician contract for candidate based on information provided by department. Monitor contract end dates and facilitate renewal as needed. Ensure contract includes all required documents and provide support for routing for signatures via DocuSign.At least 2 weeks advance notice.
Layoff/Reduction in Time (Voluntary, Involuntary)Provide guidance and support during the layoff/reduction in time process. Prepare required documents and justification in consultation with the department. Submit to central office for review/endorsement/approval.
All Voluntary - 1 week prior to VC submission.

Voluntary eff. first of month - three weeks prior to effective date.

All other voluntary - no later than 25th of previous month.

All Involuntary/Layoff - 45 days (Academics), 105 days (non-Senate faculty).


Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
Academic Reviews ​(Accelerations, Career Reviews, Above-Scale, Off-Cycle, Merits)Run annual report to identify faculty and academics eligible for review, vet list with the department and facilitate call for materials. Notify candidate of eligibility, collect and synthesize documents and information.  Consult, advise and inform candidate and department on the academic review process. Facilitate solicitation of referees, division chiefs, PI letters and mentee evaluations. Confirm appropriateness of referees and review letters of reference upon receipt.  Prepare files for department and/or department CAP/Executive Committee meetings in accordance with campus policy and procedures. Route compiled files to eligible voting faculty.  Draft department chair letters and submit completed review files to Vice Chancellor office for review/endorsement/approval. Work with department and candidate if request for additional information and/or preliminary recommendations differ from the department proposal prior to final action.After call letters sent to faculty, ARC needs about 2 months to process (depending on responsiveness of candidate)

For Department Meetings, ARC will need materials 2 weeks in advance.


Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
New AppointmentSupport new appointment process (postdoctoral scholars, visiting graduate students, visiting scholars).  Provide guidance on appropriate appointment type.  Facilitate call for materials, collect, and synthesize documents and information.  Draft required correspondence and submit completed appointment files to central office for review and approval.45 days advance notice for US citizens and 75 days advance notice for intenrational scholars.
ReappointmentMonitor eligible scholars for reappointment.  Facilitate and coordinate reappointment process between department and scholar.  Submit completed file to central office for review and approval. None - reappointments initiated by ARC.
Transition from Scholar to AcademicMonitor 5 year and 6 year postdoctoral appointment end dates. Provide consultation and guidance to department and PI on options for transition to academic title (i.e., project scientist) and visa considerations.None.
VisasRespond to visa requests and provide guidance and support for the appropriate type of action.  Solicit required documents from candidate and department to complete appropriate visa application.  Collaborate with IFSO on visa/immigration cases. Monitor visa end dates.  Provide general services for J-1 and H-1B applications.75 days notice for total process involving international scholars.

Compensation & Timekeeping

Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
Fund ChangesProcess fund changes in the payroll system for the academic employees including faculty, non-faculty MSPs, scholars, and affiliates.4 days before PPS deadline.
Fiscal Year Salary Implementation​Assist with the SalPro budget process (update the SalPro history, provide and review the faculty salary worksheets, upload them into SalPro web, audit harvested data for errors, work with departments on any needed corrections). Harvest the latest salary worksheets from SalPro and implement all the payroll entries into the payroll system for the new fiscal year (eff. July 1) taking into account of reappointments/renewals, merit advancements, and salary changes. Generate and provide salary letter templates for all the salaried faculty.None.
PPS Updates and EntriesProcess all payroll entries related to new/changed appointments, separations, effort changes, UC/VA adjustments, and cost-of-living adjustments (COLA). None.
Z PaymentProcess regular bi-weekly and monthly bonus/incentive, pre-determined and reoccurring payments. Enter any other bonus/incentive payments that derive from recalculation conducted by department.4 days before PPS deadline.
Salary AnalysisProvide complete salary analysis regarding projected salary diagrams, current funding/salary status, retro adjustments and vacation accruals/payout confirmations. Analysis may include past, current and projected funding, confirmation of DOS code distributions and any other related data needed to support the salary based on the departments’ needs.None.
TimekeepingProvide regular timekeeping functions including monthly reminders and recording/adjusting vacation/sick leave usage.Complete by date set on reminder sent by ARC.

General ARC Support

Service​​​​Service Description​​Lead Time
Service Now TriageReview incoming requests from clients and triage the case in Service Now to the correct functional area based on the nature of the request. If request is not new and relates to an existing cases, link the requests together to ensure continuity of information in the case. If the request contains multiple requests that are managed by different functional areas, separate them into two cases and assign accordingly.New cases triaged on same business day if submitted during business hours, otherwise triaged on next business day.
ARC Mainline SupportA​nswer the ARC mainline during business hours and provide clients with status updates on their requests, initiate new requests, create an escalated incident for issue cases, triage calls to the appropriate functional area and answer general questions.Calls answered as they come in, voicemails returned within 1 business day.
Unit-Specific SupportProvide support functions for the four ARC units, including: BioBib updates, linking author’s work to dropbox, collection and compilation of mentee evaluations, establishing referee ID sheet, gathering teaching evaluations, coordinating visa pick up with central office, onboarding outreach and scheduling, administering e-onboarding, employment verification, PPS entries, timekeeping reminders and logging timekeeping.Dependent on nature of request.
Infrastructure SupportSpecializes in the development and maintenance of ARC systems (Service Now, Online Personnel Information System, iShare) as well as process optimization and client engagement. Responsible for creating and maintaining process maps, standard operating procedures, Service Now template emails and other ARC-Infrastructure related materials for all ARC units. Provide general office support, as needed, for all ARC units including supply ordering, help desk tickets and mail distribution.Dependent on nature of request.