New Hire Paperwork

UC San Diego Health Sciences is the clinical and research division of UC San Diego dedicated to educating the health care professionals of tomorrow, advancing medical discoveries, and delivering excellent patient care in the San Diego region.

You will meet with a Health Sciences Academic Resource Center representative to complete the hiring process.  Please confirm your attendance prior to arrival. In preparation for this meeting, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the section below that applies to your position.
  2. Print all required Onboarding documents.
  3. Bring appropriate forms of identification to satisfy the I-9 form requirement.
  4. Read all mandatory readings (printing optional) prior to your Onboarding appointment.
  5. Bring all the documents to your meeting with your Health Sciences Academic Personnel representative on your first day.  
  6. If you are on International Status (i.e., F-1, J-1, etc.) do not complete the W-4 and please respond to the Onboarding email indicating your status so your packet may be prepared appropriately.

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Mandatory Readings and Policies for New Personnel

Salaried Appointments

Candidates for salaried appointments will be sent their onboarding documentation to sign and return using DocuSign, an e-signature service. Following completion of your packet, you will receive an email with further instructions, including how to schedule an in-person appointment to complete your I-9 and Oath and Patent Forms.

Please contact your ARC representative with any further questions.

Non-Salaried Appointments

Onboarding Documents

Internal Transfers from Non-Health Sciences Departments

Onboarding Documents

Other Resources for Internal Transfer Employees