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The Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research faculty members are shown in the following list. Click the member's name to send an email message.

​Name ​Department/Institution​Research Focus​Profile or Lab Website
Evans, Ronald
​​Molecular and Developmental Biology, Salk InstituteNuclear receptors and metabolic networksProfile 
​Frazer, Kelly
​Pediatrics, UCSD​Profile
​Fu, Wenxian
​​Pediatric Endocrinology, UCSD​Type 1 diabetes, autoimmunity​Profile
​Gaulton, Kyle
​Pediatrics, UCSDProfile
Gough, David​
Jhala, Ulupi
​Pediatrics, UCSD​Profile
​Kaufman, Randy
Degenerative disease,​ SBP Discovery
​Degenerative diseasesProfile
Rosenfeld, Michael
​Molecular Biology, UCSD​Regulation of gene expressionProfile
Sander, Maike
​Pediatrics​Islet cell developmentProfile
von Herrath, Matthias

LJI - La Jolla Institite for Immunology

Salk - Salk Institute for Biological Studies