The Center for Integrative and Molecular Metabolism faculty members engaged in Type 2 diabetes research are shown in the following list. Click the member's name to send an email message.

Name(linked to email)
Department/InstitutionResearch Focus
Profile or Lab Website
Brenner, David​Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences; Med/Gastro, UCSD​Liver fibrosis, Non-alcoholic liver disease, hepatic stellate cell biology, NADPH oxidaseProfile
Bottini, Nunzio
Medicine, UCSDUCSD Profile
Chi, Nai Wen
Medicine/Endocrinology & Metabolism, UCSDAngiotensin-4 in 3T3-L1 adipocytesUCSD Endo Profile
​Diaz-Meco, Mairia​SBP Discovery
Dillmann, Wolfgang
Chair, Medicine; Med/Endo, UCSDThyroid hormoneUCSD Profile
Dixon, JackPharmacology, UCSDNovel kinases and phosphatasesUCSD Profile
​Engler, AdamBioengineering, UCSDUCSD Profile
Evans, RonaldMolecular and Developmental Biology, SalkNuclear receptors and metabolic networksLab Website, Salk
Field, SethMedicine/Endocrinology & Metabolism, UCSDInsulin signalingUCSD Profile
Gaulton, Kyle
Pediatrics, UCSDUCSD Profile
Glass, Chris
Cell/Molecular/Med, UCSDMacrophage, inflammationUCSD Profile
​Guan, Kunliang​PharmacologyUCSD Profile
Hnasko, Thomas
Neurosciences, UCSDFeeding behaviorUCSD Profile
Jain, Mohit (Mo)
Pharmacology, UCSD and Salk InstituteUCSD Profile
Lab Website
Karin, Michael Pharmacology, UCSDInflammationUCSD Profile
Kaufman, Randy
​Medicine, SBP DiscoveryDegenerative diseasesProfile, SBP Discovery
Lab Website
Knight, Robert
Lab Website
Loomba, RohitMedicine/Gastroenterology, UCSDGastroenterology and epidemiologyProfile
Lab Website
Metallo, ChristianBioengineering, UCSDAdipocyte metanolismUCSD Profile
Lab Website
Montminy, MarcBiology/SalkTranscriptional biology and nucear receptor signalingSalk Profile
Lab Website
Moscat, JorgeSBP DiscoveryCancer, metabolicProfile, SBP Discovery
Newton, AlexandraPharmacology, UCSDKinase CUCSD Profile
Olefsky, Jerrold
Assoc Dean, Med, UCSDInsulin resistanceUCSD Profile
Panda, Satchidananda Regulatory Biology LabInteraction between circadian rhythms and metabolic cycles in mammals UCSD Profile
Salk Laboratory

Ren, BingCell/Molec/Med, UCSDGenomicsUCSD Profile
Bing Ren Lab, Ludwig Cancer Research
Rosenfeld, MichaelMedicine/Rheumatology, Allergy, Immunology, UCSDRegulation of gene expressionUCSD Profile
​Saez, EnriqueMedicine/​TSRI
Saghatelian, AlanClayton Foundations Laboratories for Peptide Biology/SalkPeptide biologyUCSD Profile
Saltiel, Alan
IMDH Director; Med/Endocrinology & Metabolism, UCSDDiabetesUCSD Profile
Lab Website
Schenk, SimonMedicine/Ortho-Endo/Metab, UCSDDiabetes; insulin resistanceUCSD Profile
Schmid-Shoenbein, GeertProfessor and Chair,​ Bioengineering, UCSDUCSD Profiile
Schnabl, BerndMedicine/Gastro, UCSDUCSD Profile
Lab at UCSD
Shao, JianhuaPediatrics, UCSDInflammation and diabetesUCSD Profile
Shaw, ReubenMCBL/SalkAMPK signaling, metformin, hepatic metabolism
Taylor, SusanChem & Biochem, UCSDProtein kinase AUCSD Profile
Taylor Lab at UCSD
Verma, Inder
Biology/SalkViral vectors, inflammation and stem cellsUCSD Profile
Verma Lab at Salk
​Webster, NickMedicine/Endocrinology & Metabolism, UCSDUCSD Profile
Witztum, Joe
Medicine/Endocrinology & Metabolism, UCSDUCSD Profile
​Zarrinpar, Amir​Medicine/Gastroenterology, UCSDUCSD Profile

Key to Abbreviations:

LIAI - La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Salk - Salk Institute for Biological Studies

SBP Discovery - Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

TSRI - The Scripps Research Institute