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Name(linked to email)Department/
Research Focus
Profile or Lab Website
Henry, RobertMed/Endo, UCSDDiabetes treatment, insulin resistanceUCSD Profile
Kim, Jane
Pediatrics, UCSDObesity and Insulin resistanceUCSD Profile
Loomba, Rohit
Med/Gastro, UCSDGastroenterology and epidemiology Profile
Lab Website
Mudaliar, Sunder
Med/Endo, UCSDDiabetes treatmentUCSD Profile
Olefsky, JerroldAssoc Dean, Medicine, UCSDInsulin resistanceUCSD Profile
Pettus, Jeremy
Med/Endo, UCSDUCSD Profile
Porte, Dan
Endocrinology, UCSDUCSD Profile
von Herrath, MatthiasDirector, Type 1 Diabetes Center, LIAILab Website
Zarrinpar, AmirMedicineUCSD Profile
Lab Website

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LIAI - La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology