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Advising & Mentoring Resources

Course & Exam Schedules

It is recommended that advisors and mentors be aware of their mentee’s course and examination schedule so that support can be offered at key times. Block schedules offer an overview of the typical curricular quarter for MSI/MSII. Exam schedules are posted inside the MedEd Web Portal and list exam dates by quarter for MSI/MSII. Exam schedules can be found in the Course Resources link on the left hand side navigation pane. The academic calendars show important dates for the first through fourth year.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

UC San Diego provides confidential mental health services that are included in the students’ fees. Many medical students take advantage of this resource. At times mentors, advisors, or deans will make a referral for a student if we are concerned that there may be symptoms of depression or anxiety, or simply overwhelming stress related to school or personal matters.

The process for doing this is simply to advise the student to call (858) 534-3755 and set up an appointment. Be aware that Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is part of UC San Diego Student Health, and students’ confidentiality is protected. The Office of Student Affairs is not aware of which students seek treatment unless the students tell us themselves or sign a release for their provider to communicate with us.

School of Medicine Liaison

Contact the front desk staff of CAPS at (858) 534-3755 to arrange for an appointment. Sarah Clavell Storer, Ph.D and David Kersey, MD are the CAPS liaisons to School of Medicine, and can be contacted directly for any additional assistance to our medical students.


Additional Resources