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Important Dates & Calendars

2023–2024 Quarterly Disbursement Dates

While not expected, actual disbursement dates may be delayed due to campus processing and/or holidays. All funds received, including but not limited to, those from the Federal Direct Loan Programs, Institutional Loan Programs, or Federal Work-Study are to be used solely for expenses related to attendance or continued attendance at this campus of the University of California.

School of Medicine

Fall Winter Spring Summer
First Year 09/05/23 01/02/24 03/25/24
Second Year 09/05/23 01/02/24 03/11/24 05/13/24
Third Year 08/14/23 11/06/23 02/12/24 05/06/24
Fourth Year 08/28/23 11/20/23 03/04/24

School of Pharmacy

Fall Winter Spring Summer
First Year 09/28/23 01/08/24 04/01/24
Second Year 09/05/23 01/02/24 03/25/24
Third Year 09/28/23 01/08/24 04/01/24 06/27/24
Fourth Year 09/25/23 01/08/24 04/01/24

Academic Calendars

UC San Diego

Registrar's administrative calendar with registration fee deadlines.

UC San Diego Calendar

School of Medicine

The School of Medicine operates on a slightly different calendar.

School of Medicine Calendar