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By the Numbers

UC San Diego School of Medicine admits students who demonstrate intelligence, maturity, integrity, dedication
to the ideal of service to society and who are best suited for meeting our educational goals.

Incoming Class of 2023

Below is just a glimpse of School of Medicine's most recently admitted students

Admission Stats






Students Matriculated

Unique Majors

This year's incoming class earned undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields of study including: Anthropology, Visual Arts, Dance, Spanish, Earth and Planetary Sciences, History and Native American Studies.

33% of students

Underrepresented in Medicine

45% of students

First Generation Graduate Students

18% of students

First Generation College Students

firefighter walking towards a forest fire

Unique Job Experiences

This year's incoming class of medical students have a broad array of experiences and interests. Past job experiences include: Brain Bank Manager, Product Engineer, Fashion Model, US Forest Service Firefighter, Alaska Smokejumper.

Academic Profile


Average Undergraduate GPA


Average Science GPA


Average MCAT Score

Note: Candidates for admission are evaluated on undergraduate academic record, MCAT score, nature and depth of scholarly and extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation from premedical committee or professors and personal interviews.

78% of students

are California residents

66% of students

earned undergraduate degrees in California

25 Students

are UC San Diego Alumni

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