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AVRC Staff

It takes a number of nurses, research coordinators, lab technicians, investigators, and other support staff to provide the high-quality services and level of care offered at the AVRC. To reach any of our staff by phone, please call (619) 543-8080 to be connected.

Steven Hendrickx, RN Clinic
​Aaron Gutierrez
​Community Education Specialist
​Akeela Benson 
​Clinical Research Nurse
Amanda Maytom Clinical Research Coordinator
​Angela Elo-Rivera
​Media Communications Specialist
Angela Kozakowski Administrative Assistant
Antoine Chaillon Assistant Project
Aurora Verduzco Gonzalez Clinical Research
Bianca Ramirez Clinical Research Coordinator
Cheryl Dullano Clinical Research Coordinator
Chris Houston Lab Technician
Christy Anderson Principal Statistician
​Cinthia Sanchez
​Clinical Research Coordinator
Colleen Burks Administrative Assistant
Cristina Kuizon Clinical Research
​Darnel Lopez
​Regulatory Analyst
​Dawn Rosenblum
​Clinical Research Nurse
DeeDee Pacheco Clinical Research Lab Manager
DeLys Brooks Lab Technician
Edith Villasenor Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Lampley Clinical Research
​Fang Wan
​Data Manager
Fakhira Anwar Information Systems
George Lara-Paez Community Education
​Hana Tesfamichael
​Data Associate
Helene Le Regulatory Analyst
Jordan Silva Community Education
Joseph Lencioni Regulatory Analyst
Juan Ibarra Jr. Clinical Research
Karen Chow Clinical Research
​Katie Bamburg
​Grant Writer/Program Administrator
Kelly Walsh Clinical Research Supervisor
Leah Burke Clinical Research Supervisor
Letty Muttera Pharmacist
Lili Harkness Clinical Research Coordinator
​Liliana Favela
​Data Associate
​Luz Zirate
​Clinical Research Coordinator
​Marlene Arredondo
​Clinical Research Coordinator
Mark Fernandez Administrative Assistant
Marvin Hanashiro Community Outreach Supervisor
Meg Quattrocchi
Clinical Research
Megan Jennings Financial Manager
Michael Duszynski Program Representative
​Michelle Garcia
​Data Associate
Michelle Truong Clinical Research Administrator
Miriam Zuazo Case
Neydi Gonzalez Clinical Research
Niamh Higgins Pharmacist
​Nicole Carter
​Research Program Manager
​Nicole Marr
Lead ​Clinical Research Coordinator
Rebecca Gonzalez Lab Technician
Rose Ramirez
Clinical Research Coordinator
Sean Ryback Programmer Analyst
Stephanie Solso Clinical Research
Tara Tenenbaum Database Administrator
​Terence Hendrix
​Clinical Research Coordinator
​Vivian Maldonado
​Clinical Research Coordinator
Yvette Longduriyang Clinical Research