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Welcome to the AVRC

Innovation in HIV Research

The AntiViral Research Center (AVRC) develops and conducts innovative research that enhances the quality and duration of life for people living with or affected by HIV and other infections of global significance. The award-winning research center is an established leader in San Diego’s HIV research community and is well known for its HIV testing programs. Internationally, the AVRC extends its research and education programs to Africa, Asia, and South America.

AVRC in the News

Six Months of COVID Vaccines: What 1.7 Billion Doses Have Taught Scientists,” Scientific American, features Susan Little, MD.

Coronavirus almost certainly came from an animal, not a lab leak, top scientists argue,” CNN, features Joel Wertheim, PhD.

Over 20,000 Years Ago, a Coronavirus Epidemic Left Marks in Human DNA,” The Smithsonian, features Joel Wertheim, PhD.

The lab leak theory is a tragic hall of mirrors that’ll probably never have a satisfying answer,” Futurism, features Joel Wertheim, PhD.

COVID-19 gene data removed from NIH database on Chinese researchers' request,” FOX News, features Joel Wertheim, PhD.

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