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MTL Facilities

The Medical Teaching Laboratory (MTL) provides educational laboratory support to the School of Medicine. Our staff collaborate closely with the course directors to assess and fulfill the specific requirements for their labs and courses. The labs cover a range of courses in the medical disciplines including anatomy, histology, pathology, microbiology, hematology, neurology and the practice of medicine. By working together, we ensure that the teaching labs are equipped with necessary resources, technology and materials to facilitate effective hands-on learning experiences for the students.


medical-teach-lab.jpgThe medical teaching labs are located in the Biomedical Science Building, on the first floor.

The are six medical teaching labs each capable of holding 26 students. To ensure safety and security the students are provided with a locker located outside the labs to store student belongings. Inside the labs, there are cabinets, which hold the student microscopes and slide boxes for histology, pathology and hematology.

The classrooms are equipped with whiteboard and markers. Instructors can use these tools to illustrate concepts and engage in-group activities. The interactive approach promotes dynamic and engaging learning environments.