About Us

​The following image is a map of the UCSD Simulation Training Center, located in the UCSD Medical Education- Telemedicine Building. We occupy over 2,500 square feet divided among 4 simulation rooms that includes a hospital ward room, emergency or intensive care unit room, operating room and procedural training room. Each simulation room can be monitored through one way glass and/or a series of independently controllable cameras that can be streamed to any of our debriefing rooms or recorded for subsequent viewing and analysis. Audio communication into each room can be performed with voice changers that can be routed through our manikins or through any of 8 wireless earpieces. We have an comprehensive audiovisual routing system that utilizes touch screen interfaces and allows for video feeds to be deliverd to any of our classrooms or simulation spaces. Our activities are supported by our operations manager, simulation operations specialist, 2 simulation operations technicians and oversight provided through our medical director.

SIM Center floor plan