UCSD Simulation Fellowship

The UCSD Simulation and Training Center is a state-of-the-art simulation facility utilized by numerous groups ranging from high school students to senior medical faculty to replicate real-life situations, master procedures, or safely train. Learning the intricacies of running a simulation center is complex. It involves expertise in both the principles of simulation education and business acumen. Our simulation fellowship will guide fellows through a one-year curriculum providing advanced knowledge in medical simulation administration, design, research, and education. This goal will be delivered through one-on-one mentoring, class coursework, and hands-on training.

  • Must have completed a residency or fellowship in anesthesia, emergency medicine, or pediatric emergency medicine. 
  • Open to both foreign medical graduates and US-trained graduates.
Clinical Responsibilities: 
  • US fellow salaries are funded through 0.5 FTE clinical requirements within their department.
  • Foreign applicants are funded through thorough yearly tuition. Details will be provided upon application.  
Educational Objectives:
  • Optimize scenario design and debriefing techniques 
  • Develop expertise in high- and low-fidelity simulation
  • Develop, pilot, implement and refine simulation-based medical education scenarios for varied learner groups
  • Acquire proficiency in simulation facilitation
  • Gain skills implementing simulations across specialties and stages of learners in medicine
  • Strengthen skills in clinical research techniques and data analysis through a formalized research training program
  • Design and carry out simulation research, quality, or educational project with tangible scholarly output
  • Conduct operations analysis of a large volume simulation center
  • Attend leadership and operations training through the Rady School of Management
Unique Aspects of UCSD Simulation and Training Center
  • Opportunities with 3D printing projects
  • Augmented reality task trainer development 
  • Simulator and task trainer creation and the patent process
  • Telesimulation of procedural skill master learning  
Fellowship Leadership
  • Ashish Shah MD, MEd. Fellowship Director
  • Preetham Suresh MD. Simulation and Training Center Director 
How to apply:

Please complete the RedCAP Application. For more information, send an email to simcenter@ucsd.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!