Finding Us

The Simulation Training Center is located in the lowest level of the Medical Education and Telemedicine Building (MET) on the UCSD School of Medicine campus.

Obtain directions to our facility on Google Maps and most GPS applications by using "UCSD Medical Education and Telemedicine Building" as a destination.

Parking / Transportation Information

Map Legend

  • A: Medical Education and Telemedicine Building (Location of the Simulation Training Center)
  • B: Parking Lot P602
  • C: Gilman Parking Structure
  • D: Osler Parking Structure

Parking / Transportation Options

Walking Directions from Parking Structures

Gilman Structure

Driving / Walking Directions - Gilman Structure

North side of the MET Building.

Osler Structure

Driving / Walking Directions - Osler Structure

West side of the MET Building.
When at the MET Building
Once inside the MET Bldg Courtyard, take the stairs or elevator to the Lower Level (LL).

Use the stairs (shown here) or the elevators to access the Lower Level (LL) rooms.
Refer to the touch screen kiosk near the LL elevator doors to find your assigned room.
On the kiosk, click the "Today's Events" tab to see that days assigned rooms and activities.
The MET Lower Level Directory displays today's events and room locations.
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