First-Year SOM Courses

How can I get my questions answered?

(For a specific course, look under "Support" for the appropriate quarter)

How can I get a "quick" question answered?

  •  During open hours:
    April, Steve, Paul, and Nora hold regularly scheduled open hours in their offices (1208 BSB) each week to answer quick questions in their respective areas of expertise; the schedules are posted on the bulletin board in OESS and on the Q&A/Announcements Forum for each core course.

  • By e-mail:
    April, Steve, Paul, and Nora respond to brief questions sent via e-mail.

  • During lecture breaks:
    April, Steve, Paul, and Nora often attend lectures related to their areas of expertise and can be asked questions during the breaks between lectures.

How can I make a private appointment for more assistance?

  • You may make appointments by e-mail, telephone, or in person with:
  • When making an appointment by e-mail or if leaving a message on voice mail, please include four times that you are available and that do not fall during:
    • Scheduled core course lectures, conferences, or labs
    • OESS open hours for that educator
  •  When coming to the OESS to make an appointment in person:
    • If the door is open or the educator is alone in his/her office, feel free to knock
    • If students are in the office (open hours or private appointments), please wait until the last five minutes or first five minutes of an hour to knock