Classes and assessments are scheduled for each weekday morning, usually from 8 a.m. until 12:15 p.m.

Content will be presented through a combination of synchronous lectures by Zoom, asynchronous (pre-recorded) lectures, and synchronous application problem sessions by Zoom. CTBS instructors will present advanced concepts in physiology, autonomic pharmacology, immunology and molecular cell biology related directly to the first-year SOM curriculum. Assessments will focus on questions involving integration and application of the material, as do many questions in the SOM curriculum.

  • The physiology thread runs throughout the course, usually with two hours scheduled per day.
  • The content of the remaining two hours per day changes during the course:
    • The immunology (IMM) thread uses this time during weeks 1 - 3.
    • The molecular cell biology (MCB) thread uses this time during weeks 4 and 5.
    • All scheduled time focuses on physiology for weeks 6 and 7.
An tentative schedule overview is shown below.
​1Intro to CTBS
Phys 1​
Phys 2
Imm 1​
​Phys 3
Imm 2
​2Quiz 1 - Imm and Phys​Phys 4
Imm 3​
​Phys 5
Imm 4
Phys 6
Imm 5
Phys 7
Imm 6
​3HOLIDAY​Quiz 2 - Imm and Phys​Phys 8
Imm 7
Phys 9
Imm 8
Phys 10
Imm Review
​4Imm Exam​Phys 11
Phys 12
Phys 13
Phys 14
Phys 15
​5Quiz 3 - MCB and Phys​Phys 16
Phys 17
Phys 18
Phys 19
Quiz 4 - MCB
​6MCB ExamPhys 20
Phys 21
Quiz 5 - Phys
Phys 22
Phys 23
Phys 24
(3 hours)
​7Quiz 6 - PhysPhys 25
(3 hours)
Phys 26​Study day​Phys Exam​
  • The material within each thread builds upon itself, so asynchronous lectures should be viewed and studied prior to the next lecture in that thread.
  • Assessment days often include asynchronous pre-work needed as a foundation for the content presented in the following 1 - 2 days.

This tentative schedule with times included can also be seen here:  2021 CTBS Schedule Overview.pdf. The specifics of lecture topics and sequence will be finalized later in the spring. Any significant changes in the schedule will be announced on the CTBS page and on this page.