Program Director

Dr. Paul Insel, the MST Program Director, is a Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine. His office is located in room 3076 in the Basic Science Building (BSB); his labs are in BSB 3073 and 3077. His door is always open to frustrated, floundering, and ecstatically happy MST Program students. You can reach Dr. Insel by phone at 858-534-2295, and by email at

Associate Directors

Dr. Christopher Glass is an MST Program alumnus. He is a Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Medicine and is widely recognized for his research on the regulation of transcription. Dr. Glass directs the Endocrine block in the pre-clinical SOM curriculum. 

Dr. Lori Wan is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and Director of the Academic Community in which MSTP students reside.  She monitors the didactic efforts of trainees and advises them regarding academic and non-academic issues, clinical opportunities, residency applications and careers.

Dr. Neil Chi is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. His focus is on trainees during the graduate phase of training, including the preparation of IDP’s, and monitoring their progress in the IDP, as well as in providing faculty oversight for the MSTP Research Day and the Physician-Scientist Colloquium.

MST Program Management

Mary Alice Kiisel is the MST Program Manager. Her office is located in the School of Medicine, MSTP Office Suite, Medical Teaching Facility, Room 182. You can reach Mary Alice by phone at 858-534-0689, and by email at

Ryan Moore is the MST/SURF Program Coordinator. His office is located in the School of Medicine, MSTP Office, Medical Teaching Facility, Room 182. You can contact Ryan by phone at 858-822-5631, and by email at

MSTP Representatives

Dr. Neal Swerdlow is the MSTP representative on the Hillcrest campus. He is a Program alumnus and is a Professor of Psychiatry. His office is located in the Clinical Teaching Facility, Room # B-420 (CTF is at UCSD Hillcrest). You can reach him by phone at 619-543-6270, and by email at

Dr. Marc Montminy is the MSTP representative at the Salk Institute. He earned his M.D. and Ph.D. (in physiology) from Tufts University School of Medicine. His office is located at the Salk Institute and he can be reached by phone at 858-453-4100 x 1394, and by email at