Students in classroom looking through microscopesMulti-Disciplinary Labs (MDL) Located on the first floor of the Biomedical Sciences Building, the MDLs consist of six identical classrooms (MDL - 1 through MDL - 6). Each lab can accommodate approximately 25 students for class sessions and has locker storage for microscopes and teaching slide collections. In addition to lab sessions, the MDLs are frequently scheduled for small group breakout and problem-based learning sessions. The MDLs have built-in audiovisual equipment including LCD projectors that can display DVD, VCR or Powerpoint presentations.

Halasz Anatomy Lab

Halasz Anatomy LabThe Halasz Anatomy labs are located directly below the MDLs in the basement of the Basic Science Building. This space is used for teaching Anatomy, Organ Physiology, and Basic Neurology. The Halasz laboratories are also used for Continuing Medical Education lab-based events at UCSD.


SSPPS LabThere are 3 new labs (B230, B232, and B234) in the basement of the Biomedical Sciences Building. Located in a corridor parallel to the Halasz Labs, these labs have room partitions so that the lab can be one, two or three separate spaces. Equipped with surgical lighting these labs are used to teach Anatomy and Histology to Pharmacy students as well as used to hold training sessions for residents and physicians.