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Campus Wellness Offerings

UC San Diego School of Medicine cares about the whole student and offers a variety of support services to assist students in need. Beyond the School of Medicine specific wellness opportunities, UC San Diego is dedicated to promoting a culture of well-being for all students. Innovative and inclusive approaches celebrate diversity and seek to encourage healthy behaviors which contribute to academic as well as personal success.

UC San Diego Recreation

UCSD Recreation provides a vast array of classes, services, and facilities for medical students to take advantage of. Many of these are FREE, but there are also options to take specialized classes for a fee. 


UC San Diego Recreation

The Hub Basic Needs Center

The term 'basic needs' refers to the most essential resources required to thrive as a student, which includes access to nutritious food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources. UC San Diego has many initiatives in place through The Hub Basic Needs Center (The Hub), where they provide resource referrals for registered UC San Diego students from a collective of on campus program collaborations and off-campus program partnerships in the greater San Diego area.


The Hub Basic Needs Center

Health Promotion Services: Health Coaching

Health Promotion Services offers FREE, one-on-one health coaching. During your 45-minute appointment, you can discuss topics with a health educator such as healthy eating, physical fitness, time management, resilience and stress management, healthy relationships, alcohol/tobacco/other drugs, sexual health, and more. You can book a Health Coaching appointment through MyStudentChart.

Health Promotion Services: Resilience and Stress Management

The Health Promotion Services Resilience in the Making (RiTM) and Stress Management Lab provides unique programming to help students build resiliency and manage their stress. The lab provides FREE, one-on-one biofeedback sessions conducted by HPS staff, who are trained in helping students learn how stress affects their body and how to reduce it. You can book a Biofeedback / Stress Management appointment through MyStudentChart.

Focus Groups and Workshops

Counseling and Psychological Services offers focus groups, workshops and forums geared specifically towards professional graduate students.



Mindfulness and Compassion Workshops

Center for Mindfulness offers a wide variety of programs and initiatives designed to make mindfulness and compassion understandable, practical, and accessible to all.


Mindfulness and Compassion

Empathy and Compassion in Science

T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion seeks to advance healthcare that is based upon empathy and compassion and validated by science.


Empathy and Compassion

GAPSWell Associates

Graduate and Professional Student Well-Being Associates (GAPSWell) provide health and wellness support to graduate and professional students through learning from and trusting in their peers. GAPSWell Associates along with their Program Coordinator, provide workshops, forums, and events to address physical, mental, and social well-being issues that graduate and professional students at UC San Diego may experience.

GAPSWell Associates