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Advising Resources

You will get the best advice by talking to current students as well as faculty and staff affiliated with MSTP. UC San Diego MSTP affords a great deal of flexibility and can be tailored on an individual basis — however, this has the potential to give a lack of focus and direction. 

Here are advising resources at your disposal to help maintain focus and direction:

  • Other M.D./Ph.D. students: The best advice regarding the program, choosing a lab or life in San Diego will come from fellow M.D./Ph.D. students. Every incoming student will be matched with a second year 'big sib'. Your 'big sib' can give you the most current advice of how to study and what to expect during the pre-clinical years in medical school. A list of current students is included in this handbook. All current contact information of all the students is accessible at the MSTP office. Feel free to talk to students at all stages of their training.
  • Director and Co-Associate Directors: Drs. Insel, Neil, Engler, Glass, and Wan are accessible to students at any time.
  • UC San Diego Faculty with M.D./Ph.D. degrees: List can be obtained from the MSTP Program Manager upon request
  • Program Manager: Jacqueline Azize-Brewer is always available to talk to, feel free to visit her at the office, or contact:
  • Staff of the Office of Student Affairs: is always available to help you through every part of the Medical School.