Memorial Service

Important UPdate

At this time, we are not able to have family members physically join us on campus for the 2021 Memorial Service.  A recorded video of the 2021 Memorial Service will be available on our website starting on May 29, 2021.  The next in-person Memorial Service is scheduled for May 2022. Invitations will be sent in April 2022 for the May 2022 Memorial Service.

Each Memorial Weekend the first year medical and pharmacy students organize a memorial service for the families of the donors from the past year. They gather to honor the donors and show their gratitude for the education they are provided by the donation. The service consists of administration and faculty speaking about the importance of each donation and the benefit the donations provide to health science education and research. Students will share words of appreciation or musical numbers to express how much the donor meant to their education.

The memorial service is followed by a reception that allows students and families to share stories and thoughtful words with each other.

An invitation is mailed to the families of the donors from the previous year but anyone is welcome to RSVP and attend the service.

Highlights of the 2013 Memorial Service