Important Dates and Timelines

2020 - 2021 Quarterly Disbursement dates

*While not expected, actual disbursement dates may be delayed due to campus processing and/or holidays.

School of Medicine

First Year09/04/2001/01/2103/25/21 
Second Year09/04/2001/01/2103/11/2105/29/21
Third Year09/10/2012/03/2003/05/2105/29/21
Fourth Year09/04/2011/26/2002/27/21 

School of Pharmacy

First Year09/20/2001/01/2103/25/21 
Second Year09/04/2001/01/2103/25/21 
Third Year09/20/2001/01/2103/25/2106/24/21
Fourth Year09/25/2001/01/2103/25/21 

UCSD Registrar's Administrative Calendar(s) with Registration Fee Deadlines

UCSD School of Medicine Academic Calendar