Graduating Medical Students

Congratulations! As you prepare to graduate from the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the Financial Aid Office has prepared this page to assist you in the repayment of your educational loans. Federal regulations require anyone who has ever received an educational loan at UCSD to satisfactorily complete an Exit Counseling session upon graduation. If you received Federal Direct Loans, i.e. Stafford, Direct and/or Grad PLUS Loans, Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized, please complete the Exit Counseling requirement. Click on the Graduate/Professional Students tab and follow the instructions. 

If you received campus-based loans, i.e. University and/or Loans for Disadvantaged Students, etc., in addition to or in lieu of Federal Direct Loans, you must complete the Exit Counseling requirement by following the link to the Student Financial Solutions (SFS) Office website. Follow the step by step instructions for completing the exit counseling.


An updated summary of your educational indebtedness will be sent to you in late Spring quarter along with a Loan Repayment Record. Please review these forms carefully and inform the Financial Aid Office of any corrections. Please be aware that this summary is an estimate only as we do not have current information on your pre-matriculation debt, accrued and/or paid interest on loans such as Unsubsidized Stafford/Direct, GradPLUS and/or Alternative Loans or loans paid off with Consolidation Loans.

Loan Counseling and Repayment Resources

Loan_Counseling Information - provides some basic information on loan consolidation and outlines your responsibilities in repaying your student loans.

Debt_Management_Strategies - with common lender repayment practices, repayment options and other helpful information including online resources for repayment and consolidation.

For students who were unable to attend the session presented by the AAMC on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the AAMC Education Debt Manager Booklet is available . This may be helpful to graduating students wanting to learn about ways to manage student loan debt and determine which repayment strategy is most advantageous during residency.  Use the AAMC Medloans Organizer and Calculator to estimate your repayment.

The Student Loans & Repayment Strategies for Graduating Medical Students presented by the AAMC Student Financial Services Office is available to assist with repayment strategies.

UC San Diego Loan Programs and Terms Summary Sheet

The AAMC Loan Repayment Timeline - reflects the timeline of repayment for June graduates.

Finally, see AAMC Loan Repayment /Forgiveness Scholarship Programs for loan repayment programs from various agencies.

If you have any questions after reviewing all of the information contained herein, please contact us for further loan repayment counseling or your loan servicer.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors!