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Lab Members

Summer 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Prerana Williamson on her new faculty positions as a Pediatric GI attending Wake Forest University and on her new baby, to Loan Duaong, BS on her move to Graduate School at Notre Dame University, Emad-Khosh-Hemmat, BS for his move to Medical School at Wake Forest University, and Elaine Pham, BS on her graduation from UCSD!

 Summer 2019

             Renee Rawson, B.S.
             Lab Manager/SRA 3

Mario Cabrero-Manresa, PhD.   Postdoctoral Fellow

            Quan Nhu, MD.,PhD.                    Postdoctoral and Adult Fellow           
Stephanie Dong, B.S.

Amanda Wu
Undergraduate Student

Kira Chaiboonma, B.S.
Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Medet Jumabay, MD., PhD.
Project Scientist

   Jamie Ho
    Student Admin

Kevin Okamoto, B.S.