Student Programs

Alumni Connections Program

The Medical Alumni Association invites you to be a part of the Alumni Connections Program. This brand new program offers exciting opportunities for SOM alumni to connect with current medical students as well as other alumni through a series of fun and interesting events. Alumni can also connect with students by getting involved with SOM student organizations. For a listing of events and to learn more about student organizations looking for alumni involvement visit the Stay Connected page.

Career Night

UCSD Medical Alumni Association presents an opportunity to share your medical career experiences and insights with 1st and 2nd year medical students. As you recall, most medical students have questions about different medical career options and will benefit from your first-hand knowledge. Medical Alumni Relations organizes this very popular evening event each year (usually in the fall) when you can make a difference to aspiring, eager medical students. A casual dinner is provided, followed by informal short presentations and roundtable discussions.

Dining with Docs

Dining with Docs is an opportunity to share your career experiences with medical students in a more informal setting. These sessions consist of a small group of students that gather for dinner in the home of a local alumnus or faculty member in a certain specialty, where they can learn more about a career and lifestyle associated with that field.

Alumni Sponsored Study Breaks

Do you enjoy baking? Do you want to give students a taste of home? We are always looking for alumni to provide treats to students during test taking season. This is a great opportunity to build community and connections. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a study break and visit the student lounge in the new Medical Education and Telemedicine Building.


Join other UCSD Medical Alumni in the excitement of Match. Hosting a 4th year medical student who is interviewing for their residencies in your area is a wonderful way to connect with UCSD and help a medical student reach their residency goals!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please send us an email.