Community Projects

Volunteer Opportunities at the UCSD Student Run Free Clinic Project

Alumni wishing to donate their time and skills to the health and well-being of the underserved in San Diego County while also mentoring and teaching medical students are welcomed to volunteer at any of the four Free Clinic Project sites. Volunteer faculty include both primary care  and specialty physicians. Volunteer faculty volunteer as frequently as they choose, ranging from three times a month to once every three months, supervising students in the compassionate, high-quality care of patients who have nowhere else to turn. We also welcome faculty and volunteer faculty in pharmacy, dentistry, acupuncture, social work, mental health services, and law. Other ways to volunteer are to provide specific medical procedures, imaging, etc through your own clinical practice, or help with fundraising.

All attendings at the Free Clinic Project must be salaried or voluntary faculty members at the UCSD School of Medicine. To learn more about volunteering with us and apply to become a member of the volunteer faculty, please contact Lisa Deferville. You are also welcome to reach out to Dr. Ellen Beck.

We are grateful for the support of UCSD Alumni. Over the years we have been excited and moved to welcome back former free clinic student leaders as faculty attendings at the free clinic project.

Students laughing and learning in the hospital