Financial Information


UPDATE: As of July 9, 2018, budget services for industry initiated and funded clinical trials will be serviced by the Office of Coverage Analysis Administration (OCAA).  The goal with this transition is to improve the budget process and timelines.  We are hopeful these changes, with future enhancements, will deliver faster and higher quality budgets. For questions regarding OCAA budget services, please contact


OCTA will continue to process requests for budget services for both new clinical trial agreements and for amendments to clinical trial agreements. Please continue to:

  • elect budget services for new clinical trial agreements by answering "yes" to the budget services question in ePD, and
  • submit budget amendment requests through the OCTA Application.


Please direct other financial inquiries related to industry initiated and funded clinical trial contracts and budgets to the appropriate inbox as indicated below.

This inbox is managed by Gloria O'Connor and Su-Yin Chang.This inbox is managed by the Strategic Revenue Initiatives & Sponsored Invoicing Unit (SRI)
  • Request a Copy of an OCTA Contract
  • IRB Fee Recharges (Su-Yin)
  • OCTA Index Requests or Questions
  • Request for OCTA's Current W9
  • Request a Change to the Financial Contact in the OCTA Application
  • To Inactivate an Award in the Contract & Grant System to record Study Completion/Closure or early Termination
  • Remittance/Payment
  • Unclaimed Checks
  • Misapplied Sponsor Payments/Check Corrections
  • Check Copies
  • Refund Requests
  • Bank Wires
  • Ledger/Journal Questions

*When making an inquiry please include the following information to help identify your study: Sponsor Name, Full Name of Principal Investigator, Coeus Proposal # and/or IRB #, and if available, Protocol #.

If you're building a budget and have questions regarding the University's current research rates please contact Revenue Cycle Management's Clinical Research Billing Department If OCAA budget services is negotiating your budget and you have questions about the rates, please contact the assigned budget analyst directly or