NIH NRSA Fellowships

NIH NRSA fellowship applications are electronic and must be submitted to NIH in ASSIST, by an authorized institutional signing official on behalf of the applicant. Your HS SPPO Analyst submits the following applications:

  • F32 Postdoctoral Fellowships for applicants with sponsor in Health Sciences.
  • F30 Predoctoral Fellowships for professional degree applicants (M.D., Pharm.D., M.D./Ph.D. or Pharm.D./Ph.D.)

To submit an application to the NIH, the applicant must be registered as a PI in the eRA Commons. Registration is done by HS SPPO for Health Sciences. Contact Nicole Foshey if you need a eRA Commons account set up or the PI role added to your current account.

Note: Starting July 1, 2018, fellowships will be entered into ePD.

NIH NRSA Fellowships
​New or Resubmission
RPPR (Progress Report)
​​​​​ePD Record
  • Abstract Tab: Internal Comments
​​​Indicate the ASSIST number
  • Uploaded Attachments Tab
​​​- NIH NRSA Budget Workbook
NIH Fellowship Assurance form
- Placeholder for Final Proposal
Proposal Package
​​Change the status in ASSIST to "Ready for Review" and notify your HS SPPO Analyst
​​​Route your RPPR in eRA Commons to your HS SPPO Analyst

​Internal Budget and/or Updated NIH NRSA Budget Workbook
​*Fellowship NIH NRSA RPPRs are not entered into ePD. 

Notes on Internal Forms: 

PHS Disclosure forms for the PI, Sponsor, and any Co-sponsors. This needs to be filled in and e-mailed to the COI office with a CC to your HS SPPO Analyst.

NIH Fellowship Assurance form signed by the PI, Sponsor(s), and Department Chair.

NIH NRSA Budget Workbook Please fill out the appropriate tab for the application type and use the most recent NIH stipend levels which can be found in the 4th tab of the workbook. For F30 and F31 applications, projected Ph.D. and M.D. fees are listed in the last tab of the workbook.

Notes on FOAs:
Make sure you use the correct FOA for your application set-up in ASSIST:

  • "Intent to Submit" - For planning purposes, please send an e-mail to Anastasia Hendry with the applicant's name, sponsor's name, and fund manager's name as soon as you or your PI decides you wish to submit a NRSA Fellowship. 
  • Due July 25th - Draft ASSIST package for initial review, completed NRSA Budget Worksheet, and fully signed Fellowship Assurance Form. These should all be uploaded into ePD and routed to HS SPPO.
  • Due August 5th - Fully completed ASSIST package for final review and submission. This will allow a for two-day viewing window as well as to help avoid any technical difficulties or system failures.

Please e-mail all items directly to Anastasia Hendry.

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